Pickled Tomatoes - 4 Quarts

The Pickle Guys ships its famous pickled tomatoes nationwide on Goldbelly! This pack includes pickled tomatoes and 3 other types of specialty pickles of your choosing like sour, 3/4 sour, and 1/2 sour pickles, hot sour pickles, horseradish pickles, pickled tomatoes, and sour kraut. The Pickle Guys pickles are kosher-certified, vegan, and gluten-free.

Founded by Alan Kaufman on New York’s Lower East Side, The Pickle Guys have been making sweet and sour pickles with an old Eastern European recipe “just the way mom used to make them” since 2000. Pickles are cured in a barrel with a salt brine with garlic and spices for as long as six months. The Pickle Guys’ pickles are kosher and have the perfect snap. If you’re ever in a pickle for pickles, you know where to get them!

Red Pepper flakes not included

More Details

  • This package includes 4 quarts of pickles—1 quart of Pickled tomatoes & 3 quarts of pickles of your choosing
  • Pickles come in 1-quart glass jars
  • Kosher-certified, Vegan & Gluten-Free

Pickle Options Include

  • Pickled Tomatoes – The mouthwatering pickled tomatoes are crafted using frim and fresh tomatoes that pack a meaty texture. This allows them to soak in a sour flavor when left to brine in a special mix. While still holding on tightly to its crunchy, juicy, and iconic tomato flavor, the pickled tomatoes comes with an added touch of sourness to the mix. Making them a unique and refreshing treat that you can enjoy on their own, or by adding it to salads, appetizers, or main courses. When playing around when pickled tomatoes you get the freshness and acidic taste of tomatoes, with a sour, crunchy, and meaty bite to it.
  • Half Sour Pickle – Pickle Guys 1/2 sour pickles are wonderfully crisp and thoroughly delicious. Made in the traditional way, allowing as much flavor as possible. The first bite will have you instantly hooked. Great eaten as a side dish or simply as a snack. Offering you a taste of happiness that will have you coming back for more!
  • Sour Pickle – These sour pickles pack a full tangy garlicky flavor that comes with a crunchy bite. With each bite, you will be able to enjoy heaps of sour tanginess that runs down to the pickle’s core. Making sure that each bite you take is perfectly crisp for a good crunch while being stuffed with a sour flavor.
  • Hot New Pickles – These juicy and crunchy pickles are for those who love a little touch of spice on everything. If you live your life on the spicy side then you will love the hot new pickles, as they can easily be added to almost any dish you are eating. Offering you a bottle of fresh hot pickles that are juicy and just delicious.
  • New Pickle – These delicious new pickles are brined just enough to ensure they are perfectly crunchy. Processed and packed perfectly these new pickles are soaked with deliciousness. So when you take the first bite you will feel the joy rushing through you. Bringing a smile on your face that can only be achieved by authentic new pickles.
  • 3/4 Sour Pickle – Pickle Guys’ 3/4 sour pickles offer a juicy bite that is packed with rich taste and sour twist. This tangy bite is exactly what has been missing from your life! The first bite will have you instantly hooked. Great eaten as a side dish or simply as a snack. Offering you a taste of happiness that will have you coming back for more!
  • Horseradish Pickle – These horseradish pickles is the perfect marriage between 1/2 sour and spicy that will just melt your taste buds. Crafted beautifully using traditional methods, topped with a secret spice mix that makes these pickles stand out. When you open the jar and take take a bite, you can feel the joy and happiness taking over you.
  • Hot Sour Pickle – The infamous hot sour pickles bring forward the perfect collaboration between two powerful flavors. For long you have been wishing for a pickle that packs both heat and sourness. Giving your tongue a zestful taste like no other. When you open the lid you get access to freshly picked hot sour pickles that will make your day.
  • Sauerkraut – Known for it’s classic yet charming taste. A tangy and tasty addition to your meal, these sour krauts are a gem in disguise. What is truly amazing about these sour kraut? Is is that you can easily add them to any salad, or appetizer of your choice. While using them to add a crunch and sour taste to your sandwich, hot dog, or burger.


Pickles – Cucumbers, Water, Salt, Pickling Spices, Garlic.
Hot Pickles – Cucumbers, Water, Salt, Pickling Spices, Garlic, Hot Pepper
Horseradish Pickles – Cucumbers, Water, Salt, Pickling Spices, Garlic, Horseradish, and Pickles
Tomatoes – Tomatoes, Water, Salt, Vinegar, Garlic, Pickling Spices, Celery
Sour Kraut – Shredded Cabbage, Water, Salt

Instructions / Storage

  • Pickles arrive ready to serve
  • Upon arrival, remove packaging and place the pickles in the refrigerator
  • Pickles can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 1 month
Download Storage and Prep Instructions

Shipping Details

  • The Pickle Guys ships Monday – Wednesday of each week
  • Orders cannot be shipped to P.O. Boxes.
  • Orders shipped to Alaska and Hawaii via 2-day will incur an additional $20 charge or $35 for Overnight Shipping. Sorry guys!
  • Have more questions about Shipping? Read our Shipping FAQ page.

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I am addicted to these pickles. Just like from my childhood in NYC.
B F. - San Jose, CA
The Pickle Guys need to give classes on how to wrap food for delivery! It took me 20 minutes to "break-in" to the packed container of pickles, lol. This was NOT an annoying experience due to my receipt of damaged shipping containers from another vendor. Rather, I very much appreciated the care with which the container was secured to ensure it survived the shipping process. The pickles are excellent! I am tickled with the purchase.
Patricia B. - Cheverly, MD
The pickles arrived on the date promised - all the way to the west coast-and were perfectly”half-sour”. I was able to track the order and was contacted when it was delivered. It couldn’t have gone better!
Andrew B. - San Diego, CA
The second time I’ve ordered from gold belly through the pickle guys everything came perfectly wrapped came on time. What could be better?
Sandi S. - Jupiter, FL
The Horseradish pickles are phenomenal!
Frank C. - Coral Gables, FL
All of the pickles we got from The Pickle Guys were absolutely superb! Well, not "were," because we're still enjoying them. We're making them last for as long as we can. Good, good, good!!!
Steven H. - Eastsound, WA
Excellent pickles with simple, quick delivery.
Michael H. - Vero Beach, FL
The pickles are great, they were packaged really well in environmentally friendly packaging.
Carli M. - Flagstaff, AZ
the pickles from the pickle guy were fabulous! I ordered the new pickles
jorge d. - Glendale, CA
The marinated peppers, celery and pepper rings were amazing! Best ever! Fresh, gorgeous produce. Packaged beautifully.
sc b. - Sedona, AZ
Awesome tasting half sours and tomatoes!
Brian D. - Omaha, NE
Pickles are amazing best pickles I’ve had outside of an actual deli. The Pickle Guys take care in their packing and the pickles arrive sealed and on time. I have bought the 4 quarts in the past and found the sour and sour hot are amazing. This time I got the gallon of sour and they are delicious. I will be back!
Bradford A. - Culver City, CA
the best pickles in the world
jorge d. - Glendale, CA
Great product. Fast delivery.
Keith S. - Lake Elsinore, CA
On time,packaged well and love the pickles!!!!!
Allen G. - Liberty, TX
Everything went smoothly. Got my items on time - all good!
Tony F. - Evanston, IL
Delivery, notification, and product was outstanding!
Monica L. - Flower Mound, TX
Delivery was on time. Food was in perfect condition. I was well notified of status every step of the way.
Daniel S. - Pineville, NC
My jars of pickles arrived very well packed and in a timely manner!
Gayle S. - Vineyard Haven, MA
The pickle guys were amazing and sealed well.
Michael B. - Houston, TX
Everything was great, as always pickles were right on time and well packed. These are by far the best pickles available outside of a true deli. Very satisfied with another purchase.
Brad a. - Culver City, CA
The pickles are really good!
Joy L. - Hillsboro, OR
Everything tastes very fresh & gets delivered exactly on time & the ordering is super easy
Christine P. - Glendale, AZ
Delicious pickles!
Karen T. - Carmichael, CA