Fried Clam Roll Kit - 4 Pack

Few things taste of nostalgic New England summer fare more than golden fried clams. A quart of succulent full belly fried clams is accompanied by all the fixings to make four traditional clam rolls at home…or just enjoy them dunked in Ken’s tartar sauce. A true taste of Maine.

The Clam Shack, perched on a bridge in the heart of Kennebunkport, has been serving up irresistible fried seafood, clam chowder, fried clams, and — most importantly — some of Maine’s best lobster rolls since 1968. The little stand draws visitors from around the world who brave long lines (and marauding seagulls) for a quintessential taste of Maine summer.

More Details

This package serves 2-4 people and includes:

  • 1 Quart of native special frozen fried clams
  • 4 Fresh New England Style Hot Dog Rolls
  • Tartar Sauce
  • Butter
  • Lemon


Fried Clams, scratch-baked rolls, Kate’s butter, Ken’s Tartar Sauce, Lemon

Instructions / Storage

  • Clam Roll Kit ships frozen with dry ice
  • DO NOT handle dry ice with bare hands
  • Upon arrival, please immediately unpack box and place the clams in the freezer.
  • Frozen clams will last up to 6 months in the freezer but are best used immediately.
  • Clams will last frozen up to six months.

To Serve

  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees
  • Spread frozen clams in a single layer on a baking sheet, and heat on the middle rack for 8 -10 minutes or until they start to shine and are heated through.
  • If making rolls, brush cut sides with melted butter and toast on a medium-hot griddle until golden.
  • Pile clams into rolls and serve with tartar sauce and lemon
  • Enjoy!
Download Storage and Prep Instructions

Shipping Details

  • The Clam Shack ships Monday-Friday of each week
  • Orders cannot be shipped to P.O. Boxes
  • Orders shipped to Alaska and Hawaii via 2-day will incur an additional $20 charge or $35 for Overnight Shipping. Sorry guys!
  • Have more questions about Shipping? Read our Shipping FAQ page.

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Sent this gift to my Mum for Mother’s Day. She loved it, said the quality was great...and we know lobster!!
Patricia B. - Northborough, MA
Food was exceptional- shipment was flawless.
John H. - Bedford, NH
Arrived on time and everything was perfectly packaged!
Stephanie K. - Arvada, CO
My family was very pleased and said the lobster rolls were delicious. We Californians ate at The Clam Shack when we traveled in Maine. So this was a special treat.
Belena S. - San Francisco, CA
My lobster rolls from The Clam Shack were delivered and were exactly what I ordered- fresh and delicious, and as close to a visit to Kennebunkport as I can get right now! I wasted no time applying the coupon that came with it to a repeat experience.
Lauren O. - Concord, NH
My parents loved as they live in OH and rarely get Maine lobster. Was on time and such a nice early Mother’s Day treat!!
Carol B. - Westlake, OH
The lobster was fresh and delicious! Almost as good as being there!
Deborah P. - Williston, VT
GREAT GREAT Lobster Roll from The Clam Shack in Kennebunk. Well delivered, and delivered with great directions and how to make, and enjoy. Looked great. It was a gift and really well received. THANK YOU....
Carol R. - Tampa, FL
Delivered on time, as promised. Food was quality, as advertised. Recipients were amazed at freshness and deliciousness.
Andrea G. - Franklin, TN
The lobster rolls were insanely fresh...we felt like we were back on that bridge in Kennebunkport. So lucky to live in a time where Goldbelly is a thing. Yum!
Sharon M. - Naperville, IL
Food was delicious! Already sent it to my cousin. Was a huge morale booster while we are hunkered down at home. It was the taste and memory of our vacation, delivered to our door!
Caren F. - Tuckahoe, NY
Wonderful! Delivery came as promised, everything was fresh and top-notch! The best lobster roll ever!
Kathy M. - Greensboro, NC
The lobster was fresh and delicious! We had enough left over for a sandwich the next day!
Barbara W. - Meriden, NH
Food was delivered on time, well-packed, cold and anything needed for the lobster rolls was included, even butter! This was a birthday gift for someone very special, so my sister and I were equally happy. Will order again.
Linda C. - Beverly, MA
Shipping was excellent, my package arrived on time with great instructions and was still ice cold and also included everything needed, even down to spoons and bowls!
JL K. - Lebanon, VA
It was outstanding in every aspect. From the quick delivery, the outstanding food and the simple instructions everything made for a fabulous experience. Thank you.
Wendy P. - Lincoln, RI
Everything!! Food was sealed and cold. All the materials were packed nearly and delivered on time. Great Maine Lobster rolls!!
Ian M. - Harrison, NY
09/09/20 quality - reordered to celebrate our 58 wedding anniversary from the Clam Shack, as we were delighted the 1st time we ordered earlier in the summer. Notified when shipped, where is was the next day and confirmation of expected delivery date morning of. Only thing lacking was the seaside atmosphere.
DALE S. - Coulterville, CA
Arrived when expected, tasted fresh and delicious, super treat! I'm really glad I found Goldbelly. I ordered lobster from Maine and felt like I was eating it in Maine. Better than anything I could've found by me.
Nicole P. - Forest Hills, NY
It arrived exactly on the day they said it would. The lobster was packed very nicely. My daughter and her husband loved the lobster rolls.We were very pleased. We had them shipped to Texas from the Clam Shack in Kennebunkport, Maine, everything was great.
Jennifer W. - Corpus Christi, TX
The entire experience- the order came on time and was meticulously packed. Great instructions! Was delicious!!
Joyce R. - Memphis, TN
Everything! Arrived on time, lots of lobster, butter, mayo, rolls, and lemon for the sandwiches. Delicious!
Nancy W. - Orlando, FL
The selection is wonderful and the breadth of foods that are offered is staggering. So whatever the craving- Goldbelly has an option to satisfy those urges. i have recommended Goldbelly to many and used it for many gifts. It is always appreciated.
Linda P. - Lewisville, NC
Delivery made it in perfect timing, packaged in a neat and orderly way, with cute finishing touches. Recipients said “IT WAS THE BEST LOBSTER THEY’VE EVER HAD!! AND TASTED SO FRESH!!”. So thank you for that wonderful gift I was able to give my parents who live all the way in California while I reside in Maine.
Dan G. - Riverside, CA
Everything was nicely packed and the lobster roll kit was even still chilled. I was impressed.
JILL S. - Cleveland, OH
My original order of seafood got messed up for a whole host of reasons and Goldbelly made it right by sending a whole new order that arrived safe and sound today. I had been very frustrated by not being able to contact someone by phone when the issues started to occur- but in the end Goldbelly did right by a no questions asked sort of way. Especially meaningful because the recipient (my aging aunt) has gotten quite ill and now she can treat her care-taking son and hopefully herself to a special treat. Thank you
ruth m. - Ann Arbor, MI
Both times I have ordered from The Clam Shack, the food arrived quickly, was the correct temperature (cold!) and the quality was so high. They packed everything I needed. Will be ordering again.
Maggie M. - Bowie, MD
Couldn’t have asked for better, or fresher lobster. It was cooked to perfection, arrived cold, and the directions couldn’t have been easier. Even the included stick of butter was top-quality Kate’s, another Maine original. Nice touch!
Martin R. - Canton, MA
Second time ordering from The Clam Shack, my favorite place for lobster rolls. I’ve been there several times in person. I was very happy to see them on Goldbelly. Everything was packaged perfectly. The quality was just as wonderful as being there in person. And since I have been there I could visualize myself eating a super delicious lobster roll right by the water. Loved this unexpected convenience!!
Karen B. - Grapevine, TX
Ordering was simple and the food was fabulous. Delivered right on time and packed well to keep it cold.
maxine h. - Woodbury, NY
Food was delicious. The presentation was phenomenal. I didn't know there would be so many little "extras" inside the box. Not just the food but the stickers, recipe cards, pins etc.
Ian A. - Bentonville, AR
Smooth transaction , delivery was on time and well packaged. Wonderful tasty Atlantic Lobster as always.
Arcangelo C. - Newman Lake, WA
Excellent communication about the shipment from the time I ordered until delivery! I ordered Fried Clams from Clam Shack. Per the id on the container, the claims were fried on 1/5 in Maine and received by me on 1/6 totally frozen so that I could put them in the freezer and enjoy them one at a time.
Debbie C. - Hurricane, UT
Smooth process. Delivery on time as promised. Order was great! We love the Clam Shack! Terrific presentation. It was fun. We’ll do it again!
Penny D. - Winfield, IL
Ease of ordering. Being able to send a special treat from one of our favorite lobster roll places in Maine across the country to California was absolutely wonderful!!
Linda W. - San Mateo, CA
Order arrived on time. Packed well in styrofoam with ice. The ice pack was still frozen. The food was delish!!
Leslie C. - Norwood, NY
Everything was perfect! Our order was on time and the contents of our lobster roll kit was beyond our expectations. Our clam chowder and lobster rolls were delicious!
Gary S. - Webster, NY
We were in clam heaven. After moving to GA where belly clams are non existent. These clams popped into the oven came as close as if we were at the beach. Signed former New Englander. Too much chicken in GA
Michael S. - Canton, GA
The recipients LOVED the lobster rolls!
Rob G. - Swansea, MA
food was great. Packed very well.
Howard S. - Lincoln Park, NJ
Delivery was right on time. Lobster was partially thawed so was ready to eat when we were. Clam chowder was delicious. Ordering from the Clam Shack through Goldbelly my mom to eat lobster for the first time in her life on her 90th birthday. What a memory we made!!
Sheryl E. - Woodland, CA
We ordered 2# of lobster from our favorite Maine lobster place, The Clam Shack. It was absolutely fantastic! The meat was just as good as it is at the do they accomplish that??? Cook and ship and it tastes totally fresh?!? The scenery here in GA does not compare with the coast of Maine and we can’t smell the salt air here, but the lobster was perfect! We WILL order again!
Carolyn S. - Flowery Branch, GA
elizabeth p. - Navarre, FL
Quality of items, ease of ordering, speed on delivery especially during a pandemic.
Kevin K. - Southampton, PA
Food came as described. Since it had to be prepared frozen and shipped The Clam Shack of Maine did an excellent job. I love New England and the seafood that goes with it. This was not an easy task to get it right and shipped to Southeastern PA.
BETH W. - West Chester, PA
Delivery! Also, so fresh with all the amenities to make us feel like we were about to picnic on a beach in Maine.
Mary P. - Whitney Point, NY
Thoroughly delicious and generous servings! Wrapped/packaged well. A memorable Christmas gift!
Matthew S. - Playa del Rey, CA
Thoroughly delighted with the way the meal was wrapped/packed up and generosity of servings! Made for a wonderful Christmas present!
Matthew S. - Playa del Rey, CA
Everything! Food arrived on schedule, was still cold and ice packs still frozen solid. Best of all it was delicious. My highest recommendation for the lobster rolls at The Clam Shack!
Nancie S. - Arlington, TX
The selection, shipping and quality - and the sheer delight of sharing a bowl of fresh clam chowder from Maine with my home-bound 85-year old mum - born and raised in Maine. It was for her birthday and made a great memory :) Thank you!
Krista O. - Sierra Vista, AZ
The clams arrived packed well and everything was frozen.
Piper H. - Atlanta, GA
The food was extremely well packaged and was so, so, so delicious. I was slightly skeptical that fried clams could be good reheated and they were amazing. The lobster roll was high quality and I would absolutely reorder.
Kristin R. - Rockledge, FL
The food for my daughter's birthday. The package was delivered on the day I selected. According to my daughter, the clams tasted great and were easy to prepare. This is the second time I've used goldbelly and both times were great.
Samantha K. - Tallahassee, FL
everything. The communication, the packaging and of course the clams were so good. Just what i have been missing.
carlene w. - Austin, TX
The experience was delicious! Couldn’t have asked for a perfect clams. Will definitely order again and I’m telling my Family and friends! Thank You so much for this service.
Donna G. - Atlanta, IN
Everything! We planned to celebrate my brother's birthday so I sent him a gift card so he could order lobster and I ordered lobster for us. Normally, I fly to Manchester and we go to Maine for a lobster dinner to celebrate, but due to COVID-19 we had to come up with a different plan. We set a date and both of us ordered our lobster. Our orders arrived on time and we had a zoom meeting to celebrate. He remarked that the lobster was outstanding! Goldbelly saved the day and we got to celebrate together with our lobster treats! Thank you.
Nancy W. - Orlando, FL
Packages were delivered when promised. Good, especially bagels were packed correctly. Good tastes fresh and stays fresh following directions gives. All packages were marked perishable so you knew to unpack immediately and eat or store food.
Tracy M. - Stoneham, MA
Delivered on time, still frozen and was everything I expected. The full bellied clams were just as good as I had growing up in Kennebunkport.
Harold W. - Peoria, AZ
Everything!!!!! Delivery was on time!!!!! The food was so fresh and amazing!!!!!! The clam shack did not disappoint. It exceeded my expectations and the birthday man was beyond happy. Thank you!!!! I will have to do this again!!!!!!!!!
Luzviminda M. - Round Lake, IL
The entire experience from ordering to delivery from The Clam Shack was seamless and as promised! The lobster roll kit from TCS was superb - BEST lobster we have ever had! We have utilized Goldbelly before and will continue to do so in the future for exceptional and unique food requests!
Anthony R. - Wyckoff, NJ
The lobster rolls were shipped overnight. The lobster was fabulous, the clam chowder delicious, and the roll was fresh baked from a local bakery. It was well worth the price because it was amazing.
Estelle P. - Grand Haven, MI
Making the lobster rolls was super easy. We were blown away with how large the lobster pieces were. We also thought the instructions were well crafted. Well worth the $.
Mimi M. - Redding, CA
I got this for my father for Fathers Day, since we are originally from the area and used to eat there all the time. The clams always being our favorite even as little kids.. This was by far the best gift he said it really brought back great memories. He said just how he remembered it with big chunks of lobster and it arrived very fresh. Thank you so much. I will be ordering again soon for me.
Joe S. - Summerville, SC
Food was packaged perfectly! Everything was cold and perfect when it arrived. I loved all of the little touches, like serving trays, buttons, wet wipes, lemons etc... We served it for a 40th birthday picnic and everyone was immensely impressed!
Nicole B. - Brooklyn, NY
Delivery on time and packed very well to retain freshness (coldpacks); complete with garnishes, sauces, even plasticware and paper trays. Tasted were sitting on the shore of the (East) coast and the lobster had just been pulled out of the Bay...on super fresh buns too!
DALE S. - Coulterville, CA
Arrived on time, cold and delicious! We vacation in Maine every year and couldn't go this year, so we were thrilled to have the opportunity to buy their lobster rolls from the west coast.
Jill M. - Redmond, WA
Everything arrived on time & the lobster rolls were better than expected. The whole crew said they were fantastic with lots of meat & they wanted to me to send them where I ordered. My mom said they were better than when she actually went to Maine. I was skeptical but now I will be buying for a gift for myself. Seriously.. they were talking about how amazingly delicious the rolls were for days!
Dottie M. - Woodbridge, VA
The lobster rolls from The Clam Shack, were out of this world!! The best and freshest lobster I have ever had, and I used to vacation on Cape Cod very often. The Goldbelly app is super easy to use - and very convenient. We have never been disappointed.
Anthony R. - Wyckoff, NJ
I'm over the moon about Goldbelly! Thank you. Everything arrived in perfect condition exactly the way it was supposed to and on time. And so delicious! Can't wait to order again for me and for gifts!
Dale S. - Calais, VT
It arrived perfectly on time. Lobster and chowder were still cold all the way to Florida and the packaging was very appealing. Thank you for making my sisters 60th birthday yummy!! 5 stars!!
Diane H. - Ellenton, FL
The clam soup was excellent, I would definitely order it again. Pair it with a bread bowl and you have some killer seafood!
Mark c. - Panama City, FL
Products were properly packed. Prompt shipment. Flavorful food.
Leopold B. - Lauderhill, FL
It was a birthday gift for my daughter! They loved it so much I ordered another lobstah dinner for my son-in-laws birthday!
Debbie I. - Kansas City, MO
Everything was fresh. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. Loved the special touch of adding valentines conversation hearts!
Caryl B. - Conshohocken, PA
This was a gift to my parents and they said the food was incredible; the packaging was good; instructions were easy to understand.
Carol M. - Stuyvesant, NY
Food arrived on time and tasted amazing!
Antwanette R. - Gainesville, FL
Everything was beyond delicious and the presentation was great.
Jennifer F. - Ronkonkoma, NY
Arrived in perfect condition!
Judy D. - Seneca Falls, NY
Ease of ordering. Fast shipping. Well-packed items.
Stephanie M. - Grants Pass, OR
Our order was delivered when promised. The lobster was fresh and cold and the clam strips were still frozen. I was very impressed that it was prepared and shipped the night before we got the order. The order included everything we needed (butter, tarter sauce, mayonnaise, napkins and lots of other goodies). I will definitely order from Goldbelly and Clam Shack again!
Jerome W. - Edwardsville, IL
Moved from Cape Cod down to North Carolina and can’t find a decent lobster roll and whole belly clams. Ordered as a surprise for my wife’s birthday. Delivered on time and was really fresh. It was my first time using and would definitely order again.
Robert M. - Newport, NC
Everything was delivered on time and all the food tasted great. Thank you!
James M. - West Orange, NJ
Easy assembly, clear instructions!
Marco S. - El Segundo, CA
It was a birthday present for my son-in-law and he said it was his best present ever.
Victor Go - Topanga, CA
Everything went without a hitch. Ordering was easy, tracking easy to follow and the recipient of this gift loved the results. She was very impressed with the quality of the lobster rolls.
Joyce W. - Venice, FL
Packaging was fantastic and the handwritten thank you note was a great touch. Already shared with a number of friends that are Lobster roll fans.
Kelley G. - Bow, NH
Love the Clam Shack and they included great collateral to make the experience feel more like being there.
David C. - Leland, NC
The lobster meat was so sweet! Chowder was creamy. Very delicious.
Rebecca B. - Ballston Lake, NY
Quality and amount of food.
Ann M. - Greensboro, GA
The lobster was delivered right on time and was delicious. We rent a cottage in Saco every year and always visit your shop in person. Until then we will have your lobster delivered every few months. Excellent.
Leonard D. - Vestal, NY
Everything - notifications, delivery, packaging, instructions, preparation, taste, freshness, quality, provisions, clean up. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
Alfonso C. - Staten Island, NY
The entire "Lobster Roll" that we ordered from The Clam Shack was super!!! The details to paper products, condiments, plastic ware, mayo, butter were a treat! The "designated" buttons were cute. The rolls were fresh and tasty! The clam chowder was full of clams and some potatoes and was delicious! The lobster itself was DELICIOUS and there was plenty of it.
JOHN A. - Lebanon, NJ
Scrumptious! Delicious! The Clam Shack delivered wonderful clams in a fun package complete with rolls, tartar sauce, napkins and forks. They were very well packaged, arrived on time, and were easy to prepare. I will be ordering again.
Deborah F. - Reedville, VA
Our order from the Clam Shack was absolutely wonderful. So flavorful and some of the best clams we ever had. And, it arrived on time.
Barbara F. - Ludington, MI
Everything!! My first shipment from the Clam Shack was incredible - delivered overnight, beautifully packaged, and the clam rolls exceeded all expectations!
Karen M. - La Selva Beach, CA
Everything went well. The food was great and it arrived in great condition and right on time. It's our third time ordering from this particular restaurant and we were not disappointed. I am certain we will order from them again in the future.
shannah g. - New Hope, PA
Delivered on time, everything packed well and the food was as delicious as I remembered when I was in Maine.
Cindy M. - Irvine, CA
Lobster was excellent. Very well packed. Lobster rolls delicious.
Peggy G. - Fort Collins, CO
We had this in Maine earlier this year and could not wait to order this kit. We were worried that this would not live up to the one we had at the stand but it was perfection. We are looking forward to ordering this as often as possible.
Angela C. - Cedar Park, TX
My order was exactly what I wanted. It was delivered on the day that was noted to me. I have ordered this item in the past and was so pleased with it that's what I ordered again.
Carol T. - Chapin, SC
Everything! Easy to order, order was correct, delivery right on time, fun packaging and incredibly delicious.
Elaine S. - Carnation, WA
The lobster kit was very easy to prepare. The lobster rolls were quite delicious. I also liked the navy blue t-shirt.
Lillian B. - San Francisco, CA