Ladurée Paris

Paris, FR
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Ladurée Paris

The Creator of the French Macaron

Paris' most famous macaron shop is now shipping to the USA! Ladurée is the definitive French patisserie. Founded in France in 1862, it’s possibly the most well known luxury pastry shop in the world. Ever heard of the macaron? Ladurée invented it! The famous treat is composed of two delicate almond flour shells sandwiching a flavored jam or cream filling.

Queen Catherine de' Medici originally brought the single macaron to France from Italy in the 16th century, but it was a Ladurée baker who had the original idea to stick two macaron shells together, with creamy ganache as filling. Over the past 150 years imitators have tried to replicate the delicacy, but no one has come close to the real thing.

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