Crab Cake Dinner for 3

The perfect dinner for 3! This dinner includes six 4 oz. crab cakes and a choice of two seafood soups.

Our classic recipe, perfected in the 1960’s at Angelina’s Restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland. This Chesapeake Bay delicacy is crafted by hand using 100% domestic jumbo-lump blue crab meat – no imported crab meat!! We add only as much filler as necessary to hold the lumps together and insist on premium ingredients at every turn, including handmade white bread crumbs and fresh parsley. A palette of subtle spices brings forth the natural qualities of the most flavorful and sought-after crab meat available. Simply put, these are the finest quality crab cakes your money can buy.

Angelina’s of Maryland crab cakes have been renowned in Baltimore and beyond for decades. Established in a row home in 1952 as a small Italian grocery, then a restaurant, and now prepared on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, Angelina’s of Maryland creates Baltimore’s Best Maryland crab cake with heaps of jumbo lump Atlantic blue crab.

We continue to focus as much as possible on local sources, but recent changes in supply make it necessary at times to source crab further from home. Therefore our mix of fresh Atlantic Blue Crab may currently include varied sources from the Americas.

More Details

This package serves 4 people and includes:

  • 6 Crab Cakes (each 4 oz.)
  • 2 Soups, your choice (each 16 oz.)

Soup Options Include

  • Maryland Crab – Loaded with crab meat, fresh vegetables and traditional Chesapeake Bay spices, this is a true regional specialty that you just won’t find anywhere else.
  • Cream of Crab – Rich and delicious, this creamy concoction is a homemade specialty. Subtle, savory spices and chunks of real blue crab meat are blended with heavy cream to bring you the softer side of crab soup. Try some today!
  • Lobster Bisque – This is a brand new selection made the old fashioned way – starting with a stock made from the shell of the lobster and blended with fresh cream, real butter, celery, onions, sherry, herbs and spices.
  • Clam Chowder – New to Angelina’s, this recipe is a blend of tender sweet surf clams, fresh cream and chunky potatoes. A classic New England favorite that is just so satisfying on a chilly day!


Crab Cakes – Blue crab, Bread crumbs [Enriched flour (Wheat flour, Malted barley flour, Niacin, Reduced iron, Thiamin mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic acid), Water, High fructose corn syrup], Whole egg (Egg, Citric acid, Water), Mayonnaise [Soybean oil, Corn syrup, Water, Egg yolks, Distilled and cider vinegar, Salt, Spice, Calcium disodium EDTA (added to protect flavor)]. Contains 2% or less of the following: Spice, Baking powder (Cornstarch, Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium aluminum sulfate, Monocalcium phosphate), Monosodium glutamate, Yeast, Calcium propionate (a preservative), Guar gum, Sodium stearoyl lactylate, Calcium sulfate, DATEM, Enzymes, Ammonium sulfate, Ascorbic acid (dough conditioner).

  • Maryland Crab – Water, Crab meat, Potatoes (Calcium chloride, Calcium disodium EDTA), Celery, Onion, Tomato paste, Peas, Green beans, Carrots, Corn, Lima beans, Lobster base [Cooked lobster, Salt, Maltodextrin (from corn), Natural flavoring, Yeast extract, Modified corn starch, Butter (Cream, Salt), Sugar, Rice flour, Tomato paste, Paprika, Disodium inosinate, Disodium guanylate], Salt (Salt, Yellow prussiate of soda, Sodium thiosulfate, Potassium iodide, Sodium bicarbonate), Celery seed, Red & black pepper, Beef base [Salt, Hydrolyzed soy & corn protein, Sugar, Onion powder, Beef fat powder (Rendered beef fat, Nonfat dry milk, Mono & diglycerides, BHA, Citric acid), Caramel color, Beef extract powder (Maltodextrin, Beef extract, Partially hydrogenated soybean oil, Citric acid), Spice, Dehydrated garlic, Spice extractives and less than 2% Calcium silicate], Garlic.
  • Lobster Bisque – Ingredients: Lobster Meat, Heavy Cream (Cream{milk}), Chicken Stock, Light Cream(Milk, Cream), Sherry Wine (contains sulphites), Butter (Cream, Salt), Wheat Flour, Water, Lobster Stock(Lobster, Salt, Water), Rice Starch, Tomato Puree ( Tomatoes, Salt, Citric Acid), Sugar, Sea Salt, Clam Broth (Dehydrated Clam Broth, Maltodextrin), Spices

Instructions / Storage

  • Angelina’s ships frozen with dry ice
  • Dry ice may dissipate in transit
  • Contents may thaw in transit
  • Do not remove dry ice with bare hands
  • Upon arrival place in the fridge or freezer
  • May be kept frozen for up to 6 months
  • May be kept refrigerated for up to 3 days

Crab Cakes
Cooking Instructions: Crab cakes arrive uncooked and must be thoroughly heated. If frozen, remove plastic and thaw in refrigerator or microwave on paper towel prior to cooking as described.
Sauté: Over medium heat, sauté crab cakes in a small amount of butter or oil (about 1T). Heat each side until nicely browned. You may gently flatten crab cakes for even heating and browning. Add lemon juice or white wine to taste. Cover skillet and simmer for 5-8 minutes until centers reach 165°F.
Conventional Oven: Preheat oven to 350°F. Place crab cakes on baking pan and top with butter, lemon juice and/or white wine to taste. Bake to an internal temperature of 165°F (approx. 25-30 minutes for 4 ounce crab cakes). For crispier crab cakes, finish by broiling to desired color.
Microwave Oven: Place crab cakes on a microwave-safe plate and top with 2 teaspoons of lemon or white wine and a teaspoon of butter or margarine. Cover and heat on High (4-5 minutes for one or two 8-ounce crab cakes, 3-4 minutes for one or two 4-ounce crab cakes, 2-3 minutes for one or two 1.5-ounce crab cakes). Longer cooking times are necessary for preparing more than two crab cakes at a time. Cook until centers reach 165°F. Cooking times are approximate as microwave wattages vary.

Lobster Bisque

Microwave – Place soup in microwave cookware and microwave for 15 minutes on high, stirring every 5 minutes until product comes to a boil
Range Top – Place soup in sauce pan and heat on top of range at medium heat, stirring until product comes to a boil.

Maryland Crab Soup

From Frozen: Place unopened pouch into pot of water. Bring water to a boil, keep uncovered. Boil for 20 minutes. Cut pouch & serve. Do not store in pouch after cooking.

Clam Chowder

From Frozen: Place unopened pouch into pot of water. Bring water to a boil, keep uncovered. Boil for 20 minutes. Cut pouch & serve. Do not store in pouch after cooking.

Cram of Crab

From Frozen: Place unopened pouch into pot of water. Bring water to a boil, keep uncovered. Boil for 20 minutes. Cut pouch & serve. Do not store in pouch after cooking.

Download Storage and Prep Instructions

Shipping Details

  • Angelina’s of Maryland ships Monday-Friday of each week.
  • Orders cannot be shipped to P.O. Boxes.
  • Orders shipped to Alaska and Hawaii via 2-day will incur an additional $20 charge or $35 for Overnight Shipping. Sorry guys!
  • Have more questions about Shipping? Read our Shipping FAQ page.

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Nice taste, but the instructions are hard to read - need a magnifying glass. 
Michael R. - Verplanck, NY
The food was delivered in perfect condition and the directions to prepare it were great. The lobster bisque was fantastic and we cannot wait to have the rest of it.
Rebecca S. - Janesville, WI
We ordered the Smith Island layer cake. Outstanding flavor and quality! The cake was packaged very well and arrived frozen. Very pleased!
Elise and Dick M. - Mattituck, NY
Lump crab meat but needs more Old Bay seasoning!
Clarence R. - The Villages, FL
The crab soup was some of the best I’ve had & I grew up on the Chesapeake bay so I’ve had some of the very best!
Crystal M. - Rocky Mount, NC
These crab cakes are huge! Mostly jumbo lump.
Frank W. - Mohnton, PA
Really, really good crab cakes. As per the description, all crab; no filling. Truly delicious, arrived in excellent condition.
Philip G. - Plymouth, MA
Angelina’s of Maryland packed their seafood so well that everything was still frozen when it arrived! I was very happy and will order many more times in the future!
Claire B. - La Plata, MO
I have had some of the items I order on Goldbelly from the actual restaurants in real-time, so I know how they should taste. My most recent purchase, a Smith Island Cake from Angelina's was spot on. Prices are high, but if you use it for an indulgence (as opposed to doing your grocery shopping there) it is totally worth it.
Jacqueline T. - Woodbine, MD
The lobster bisque was outstanding; even my husband said so and he's very particular about soup. You could taste the lobster, the seasoning was right, and it wasn't overly salty. The crab cakes were full of crab with little filler, which highlighted the crab rather than sweetness from sugar, corn syrup, and other additives.
Elaine S. - Morris, MN
The crab cakes from Angelinas were excellent OMG I have to make a trip to Maryland. Lol 😂 Great product and fresh!!!!!
Sunny B. - Leavenworth, KS
Authentic crab cakes delivered from the east coast to a seafood starved landlocked midwesterner. Looking at the website, we will order from other regions and states to explore again.
Cary Z. - Washington, MO
Having grown up catching crabs on the lower Chesapeake Bay since 5-6 years old it is really one of life's true pleasures to get real blue crab again here in Florida. Having tasted and chased down crab cakes all over the world for over 50 years it is easy to say these are the very best - not too much seasoning like others and hardly any or no filler like all others. Thank you. You have elevated the beautiful swimmer to the delight it is.
Leonard N. - West Palm Beach, FL
Absolutely love the crab cakes. Large and loaded with crab meat. Jury still out on soup.
Don D. - Pinehurst, NC
The she crab soup was rich and creamy with lots of crab meat.
Michael P. - Eureka, MO
We love Angelina's crabcakes. They arrived well packed and in good condition.
Kathlyn W. - Conway, SC
The best crab cakes ever. All crab and very little filler
Chadwick M. - Winchester, VA
My parents truly enjoy the crabcakes they remember from their decades living in Baltimore.
The T. - Winter Haven, FL
The crab cakes are the best We live in another state and order from Goldbelly's and have them shipped to us. Can't find any as gooooood as these. Absolutely delicious
Darlene H. - Chicopee, MA
Angelina’s smith island seven layer yellow cake with chocolate icing is the closest I’ve had to my mother’s. It was absolutely delicious. It was right on time, beautiful, and my husband was angry, because he missed the last piece.
Jodi B. - Milledgeville, GA
Good Maryland Crab cakes. Not full of fillers. Full of crab meat
Kathy H. - Spring Hill, FL
We sent to to our son and family in Colorado who love the Maryland bay. They said the crab soup was the best they have ever had.
Gary H. - Littleton, CO
Crab Dip DELICIOUS!!! Will order it again, big hit.
Carolyn J. - North Las Vegas, NV
This is the best tasting 7 layer chocolate cake I have ever eaten. Moist, perfect
Teresa N. - Sharonville, OH
The quiche was so good with loads of crabmeat. Will order again I appreciated the packaging and and care to keep frozen during shipping. Thank you so much.
Debra D. - Philadelphia, PA
Loved enjoying a Maryland crab cake, while living in Savannah, GA! ;-)
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Everything from shipping to delivered.. That smith island cake tasted great once it thawed.. Just amazing.. Would definitely order again..
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The cream of crab soup and crab cakes were good.
BARBARA C. - San Antonio, TX
Henry W. - Lambertville, NJ
The food is awesome! I will most definitely order more from you. The delivery was excellent.
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The crab cakes arrived frozen with plenty of dry ice. Good cooking instructions. Great taste.
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Great packaging. Cake very fresh.
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The ordering process was easy, my package arrived exactly when it was supposed to and after following instructions on how to prepare my food, it was delicious! Thank you!
Christine B. - Commerce Twp, MI
Crab cakes were excellent!
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Reliable delivery of delicious food!
Nancy M. - Oxford, MS
Loved the excellent crab cakes and the Boardwalk fries and the Bayoli sauce.
Cindy T. - Norwalk, CT
On-time delivery, delicious crab cakes that my sister loved as a “taste from home” I sent her for her birthday
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Shipment arrived on time. Everything was still frozen. The crab soup and crab cakes were wonderful.
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The crab cakes were amazing, arrived well preserved, with good instructions.
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Delivery was on time and cake was as represented and very delicious. I will order that same cake again!
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Cake arrived on time as promised, in perfect condition!
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I ordered the crab cake and Smith Island cake package for Mother’s Day. Everything arrived frozen and on time. The food when thawed and prepared was fresh and delicious!!
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Arrived safe, cold and on time -- and delicious when eaten!!!!
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Love Love Love Angelina's crab cakes. Product was delivered on time and packed well.
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I enjoyed the cakes I have ordered.
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Absolutely delicious. No problems at all.
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The food was excellent and arrived in a timely manner.
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Food was tasty
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Ordered Smith cake from Maryland for my Birthday. It arrived Friday night. My birthday was Sunday and it was delicious.
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Food was awesome as always
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Delicious product. On time delivery.
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Food delivered in excellent condition.
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The cake arrived a few hours before the party. It was so beautiful we hated to cut it. But it was so divine, I’m glad we did! Everyone was so impressed! It was so we’ll packed that the dry ice was still intact! Love y’all!
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