Philadelphia, PA
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“One of the 40 Most Important Restaurants of the Past 40 Years” – Food & Wine

Established in 2008, Zahav (Hebrew for “Gold”) is the trailblazing restaurant that helped put the rich melting pot of Israeli cuisine at the forefront of American dining today. Zahav explores the constantly evolving idea of Israeli cuisine, weaving together the culinary traditions of immigrants to Israel from all over the world with the ancient foodways of Arabia and the Levant. Above all, Zahav draws its inspiration from the deep well of Middle Eastern hospitality, emphasizing the shared experience of family-style dining. In 2019, Zahav was named “Outstanding Restaurant” by the James Beard Foundation.

Zahav is helmed by Chef Michael Solomonov, the beloved champion of Israel's extraordinarily diverse and vibrant culinary landscape. In 2017, Chef Solomonov was named the country’s “Outstanding Chef” by the James Beard Foundation. In addition to Zahav, Chef Solomonov is the co-founder of Federal Donuts, Dizengoff, Goldie, K’Far, Merkaz, Laser Wolf, and Abe Fisher, all in Philadelphia. He is also the co-author of three cookbooks, including "Zahav: A World of Israeli Cuisine", which was named the James Beard Foundation’s “Book of the Year."

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