Topsail Steamer

Topsail Steamer

Surf City, NC
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Seafood Steam Pots from the Carolina Coast

Everyone loves a seafood boil, but no one wants to do the prep or clean up. Topsail Steamer makes it easy by sourcing the best local seafood, doing all the prep for you, and packing it all into a bay-bucket steam pot. Pour in a bit of beer or water, steam it on your stovetop, then spread your feast out on the paper tablecloth included in your kit. When every last crab claw has been picked clean, simply roll up all of the leftover shells and corn cobs in the paper, toss in the trash, and your clean up is done. Now you can get back to spending time with family or helping yourself to another glass of Chardonnay (we won’t judge).

Ever since she was a little girl, Danielle Mahon dreamed of living by the beach. After years of pinching pennies and achieving success as a salesperson, she saved up enough to buy her dream house: a cape-style cottage on Topsail Island, off the coast of North Carolina. Naturally, all of Danielle’s friends and family invited themselves over for a visit, and she found herself regularly cooking seafood feasts for all of her guests. The prep and cleanup was such a hassle, she vowed to find a better way, and she started experimenting with more efficient ways to cook.

She started by filling a bay bucket with fresh local seafood, corn, and potatoes, then using the bucket as a portable steampot. All of her guests thought her system was ingenious, and encouraged her to sell the pots as a kit to local beach house renters and tourists who might want to cook a seafood dinner without all the stress. In 2016 , Mahon took the plunge, and Topsail Steamer was born.

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