Tomaro's Bakery

Clarksburg, WV
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Tomaro's Bakery

Home of the Original West Virginia Pepperoni Roll

7am may be too early for most people, but West Virginians will do anything for a hot, freshly-baked pepperoni roll from Tomaro’s. Now considered by locals as “the official food of West Virginia,” pepperoni rolls actually started off as a cheap, portable lunch for Italian miners, who went off to work with a slab of bread, chunk of pepperoni and bucket of water. Carmen Antonio Tomaro was one of them before founding Tomaro’s Bakery in 1914. Over a hundred years later, his grandson's wife and children run the bakery making it the oldest Italian bread bakery in West Virginia. And now you can skip the early morning lines at Tomaro’s and have this West Virginian favorite shipped straight to your belly! Remember, as they say at Tomaro's, "Always Eat Tomaro's Bread Today.”

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