San Pedro Fish Market

San Pedro, CA
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San Pedro Fish Market

One of America's Most Instagrammed Dishes

In 1956, fifteen-year-old Henry Ungaro and cousin Tommy Amalfitano probably never imagined that the tiny 100 square foot family fish shop would turn into a bustling waterfront restaurant. Not to mention, that their family brand would become one of America’s Top 10 Most Instagrammed restaurants three years running. But that’s what they’ve built.

Today, the family’s third generation operates a 55,000 square foot restaurant that feeds 1.8 million customers per year. Their World Famous Shrimp Tray is loaded with shrimp, potatoes, onions, peppers and tomatoes, all coated in their famous seafood seasoning and served with a delicious loaf of garlic bread. It’s no wonder people travel miles to witness it!

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