Oneg Bakery

Brooklyn, NY
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Oneg Bakery

Brooklyn's Biggest, Baddest BABKA. Challah!

Who better to make the world's best babka than people from the country where it originated? The family behind Oneg Bakery's babka recipe were Hungarian Jewish refugees of World War II when they immigrated to NYC in the mid 1940s. Bringing their love for feeding others, the family opened Oneg Bakery in the 1980s to spread their well-loved recipes to all in the neighborhood.

While the family behind Oneg has tried to stay out of the spotlight, take one bite of their Insta worthy double chocolate babka and you'll see why they have a cult following unlike almost any other bakery in the country. With twice as much chocolate as the regular babka (which is already LOADED with chocolate), it's truly a thing of wonder. Better hop on it now as it won't be long before this under the radar bakery is at the top of everyone's list!

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