Nicoletta Pizza

Nicoletta Pizza

New York, NY
89% love this shop

“One of the Best Pizza Places in the US” - Time Magazine

From the team behind the critically acclaimed Marea on Central Park South and Osteria Morini in Soho, comes Nicoletta Pizzeria. Born out of a love for American-style, heavily topped pizzas mixed with the Italian attention to quality ingredients in New York City’s East Village in 2012, Nicoletta has since opened locations in New Jersey and Washington D.C.

Nicoletta’s pizzas start with the highest quality ingredients and a three-day-fermented dough that’s baked for the optimal crispness, resulting in a perfect pizza “undercarriage,” and - perhaps more importantly - a delicious bite of evenly distributed toppings every time. Nicoletta’s “crust-to-crust” artisanal pies are the perfect vessels for Nicoletta’s locally sourced toppings. Pro tip: Don’t miss the signature Calabrese, loaded with thick-cut pepperoni, house made fennel sausage, and fresh mozzarella!

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