Mile End Deli

New York, NY
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Mile End Deli

Montreal Style Smoked Meats from the Big Apple

While a Jewish deli in New York City is certainly nothing new, it's clear from the success of Mile End that a Jewish deli DOING something new can make the difference. In a city filled with mile high pastrami sandwiches, Mile End is curing meats the Montreal way. Since 2010, founder Noah Bernamoff celebrates the tastes of his Canadian hometown by smoking, pickling and slicing every nosh on the menu in-house—including the famous smoked brisket, which uses blend of seasonings common in Montreal that make it unique from traditional NY pastrami—and yet, it’s completely familiar in the most comforting way.

You may not get the traditional NY deli side of gruff served with your meal, but don’t hold that against these sandwiches. Smoked brisket, in any form, is always something we can get behind.

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