Melissa's Produce

Melissa's Produce

Los Angeles, CA
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Melissa's Produce

The Produce For Top Chefs

The fruits and vegetables shipped by Melissa’s Produce simply don’t hold a candle to what’s piled high at your local megamart. Flawless baby vegetables; exotic fruits including lychees and Pepino melons (and some you may not have even heard of, like sapotes and tamarillos); sweet Ojai Pixie tangerines; juicy Sapūrana mangoes and Gold pineapples; a selection of banana varieties like Burro and Manzano… you’ve truly never had produce like this.

From its founding in a small rented room to its current standing as America’s largest distributor of specialty produce with a 280,000 square foot warehouse, Melissa’s has remained family-run with a tight-knit family of employees and long-standing relationships with growers around the world. If you’ve been wondering how world-class restaurants and TV shows like “Top Chef” have been able to track down the world’s best produce… well, the secret’s out.

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