Lithuanian Bakery

Omaha, NE
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Lithuanian Bakery

Eastern European Baked Specialties

For nearly three decades the three Mackevicius brothers—Algird, Vytautas, and Alfonsas—have run Omaha’s renowned Lithuanian Bakery, which was founded by their parents. Algird is the expert bread baker, Alfonsas oversees production of the Napoleon Tortes, and Vytautas. aka "Joe," presides over operations and customer service. Together, they keep this Eastern European family bakery thriving. serving their loyal customers with authentic Old World specialties. Their famed dessert, the Napoleon Torte, is a Lithuanian specialty named after Napoleon Bonaparte. This light, flaky, masterpiece of eight wafer layers divided by handmade buttercream is made today with the same painstaking three-day process that it was more than a century ago, resulting in an exceptional one-of-a-kind dessert experience.

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