Gibsons Steakhouse

Gibsons Steakhouse

Chicago, IL
Star Shipper
Gibsons Steakhouse

Aged Steaks From Chicago’s Iconic Steakhouse

Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse was founded in 1989 on Rush Street in the heart of Downtown Chicago. It quickly caught on with locals, who flocked there for its exceptional service, upscale ambiance, extensive wine list, and – most importantly – truly incredible steaks. In fact, Gibsons was the first restaurant in America to be awarded its own USDA certification program!

Today, Gibsons is regarded as one of the absolute best steakhouses in America, serving Prime Angus steaks as well as Australian grass-fed beef that’s wet-aged for an astonishing 75 days. Gibsons Restaurant Group is one of Chicago’s premier hospitality groups, with acclaimed restaurants including Hugo’s frog Bar & Fish House, Gibsons Italia, and Bazaar Meat Chicago, but Gibsons is where it all started, and now they’re shipping the steaks that put them on the map nationwide!

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