Daisy Cakes

Daisy Cakes

Pauline, SC
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The Southern Cakes That Won Shark Tank

Daisy Cakes was founded in Pauline, SC by Kim Nelson using the traditions and recipes handed down to her by her mother Geraldine and Great Aunt Daisy. This southern tale of family tradition and farm-fresh ingredients dates back through generations. The result is cakes so good that when Kim appeared on "Shark Tank," Barbara Corcoran couldn't resist investing!

The story all starts here in South Carolina, with “The Southern Misses”. These southern belles were the talented bakers who passed down their hand-made recipes with love, from generation to generation. Daisy Cakes' appreciation of farm-fresh ingredients is rooted in childhood memories. Back on the farm, the Misses baked and cooked as a way to show their families how much they loved them. Their farm provided fresh eggs from the coop, vegetables from the garden, and delicious hand-churned butter. At Daisy Cakes, their appreciation of farm-fresh ingredients still rings true today. From the farm-fresh eggs to the simple lemon curd - which Kim will only make in her mother’s original enamel pot (no one in the kitchen is allowed to touch it!). Each cake is baked with love and carefully wrapped and sealed in a signature Daisy Cake Box. Just look for the daisy - each cake has one!

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