Crab Cake Cafe

Oxon Hill, MD
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Crab Cake Cafe

A Creative Spin on a Maryland Classic

Family owned and operated, and with 40 years of experience, Crab Cake Cafe is known for putting a creative spin on the Chesapeake Bay classics you know and love. Most notable is its crab cakes made with only fresh, hand-picked, all jumbo lump crab meat, and with absolutely no filler. But what really sets Crab Cake Cafe apart is its flavored crab cakes. Try the Firecracker crab cakes made with Old Bay, cracked black pepper and dry mustard; or take your tastebuds on an adventure across the Pacific and try their Hawaiian Crab Cake made with pineapple and coconut! Crab Cake Cafe has something to excite everybody.

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