Chukar Cherries

Prosser, WA
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Chukar Cherries

Cherry & Chocolate Treats from the Pacific Northwest

There are two things we know about cherries: 1) George Washington had some sort of beef with them and 2) if we’re gonna eat one, it better be dipped in chocolate or stuffed into some sort of pastry dough. Chukar Cherries knows how to treat their cherries right. Over the course of just a few sun-soaked weeks every summer, Chukar Cherries dries 250,000 pounds of fresh cherries to keep up with demand while providing the best cherries at their peak ripeness. Founded by Pamela Montgomery on her family’s Yakima Valley cherry orchard in 1988, Chukar is best known for dipping dried cherries in their custom blend chocolate; a concoction we would bathe in if we could.

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