Archie's Hough Bakeries

Archie's Hough Bakeries

Cleveland, OH
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Archie's Hough Bakeries

Cleveland’s Most Beloved Bakery Since 1903

Way back in 1903, Lionel Pile opened up a small bakery on Hough Avenue in Cleveland. It grew in popularity and expanded throughout the city over the years, and at its peak Hough’s had a presence in more than 100 local storefronts and retail outlets, becoming a true Cleveland institution for its lineup of cookies and spectacular cakes, especially its famous White Wedding Cake. Hough’s Bakeries closed abruptly in 1992, but their story didn’t end there: in 1994 the brand was revived by Hough’s longtime head pastry chef Archie Garner Sr., and to this day Archie and his family are keeping this Cleveland legend alive.

Archie’s Hough Bakeries remains one of Cleveland’s best bakeries, and they continue to make everything, including many of Hough’s longtime favorites, from scratch using the original recipes and high-quality ingredients. From classic chocolate chip cookies to melt-in-your-mouth lemon coconut cake to their iconic almond-kissed White Cake, these baked goods have made generations of Clevelanders swoon, and now you can have them delivered straight to your door!

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