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I ordered lox with cream cheese and six bagels. Order and delivery were perfect. First fresh lox I have eaten in years. No delis in my area. The lox was not only delicious but it was cut paper thin and looks lovely. The order was large and will last for awhile. Bagels were first real ones I’ve also had in years. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s worth a splurge once in a while.
Roberta C. - Tacoma, WA
Awesome and fresh!
Tamara B. - Port Orange, FL
The bagels are very good quality. 
Patricia N. - Waukegan, IL
I love the options and the reliability. I have two kids that don't live close by and I am able to send them a great variety of goodies.
Jennifer T. - Syracuse, NY
I'm from NYC, and I miss H&H Bagels.
Janice C. - Cumming, GA
Brought me back to living in NYC
Walt J. - Fort Collins, CO
Delivery was quick and bagels were fresh!
ANNE C. - New York, NY
Bagels are wonderful and delivery is good. No problems with our order and we have placed a second order as a Christmas gift.
Wanda J. - Oro Valley, AZ
NY Bagels are something my daughter CANNOT get in Bloomington Indiana - Goldbelly makes getting H&H bagels with the trimming so easy and the kids at IU love them.
Ava Z. - Bloomington, IN
Excellent lox as were the bagels.
Sharon M. - Cedar Lake, IN
arrived on time and bagels fresh and delicious!
joan l. - North Port, FL
My friends loved the bagels but thought the cream cheese was the best ever.
Marylee V. - Charlottesville, VA
Timely. Very well packaged. The bagels, cream cheese, and smoked salmon was delicious. A big hit with everyone Christmas morning!
April D. - Argyle, TX
I really like the fact I was able to get a good friend bagels from New York that he loves.
Jeff S. - Hewitt, TX
Very good bagels. Good delivery service.
Joan K. - Evergreen, CO
Taste of home, used to have an h&h bagels two to three times a week for 20 years
Frank D. - Broken Arrow, OK
Real Bagels, great smoked salmon. Fast shipping.
Sean H. - Edgewater, FL
Best bagels ever! So fresh! Could have used more salmon tho.
Deb O. - West Des Moines, IA
it was fresh and it arrived the day before the holidays as promised.
Rachel G. - Wilmington, DE
I love H&H Bagels and so did my family.
Dave B. - Winters, CA
It was delivered when they promised and made a few former New Yorkers very happy!
Jenny M. - Redwood City, CA
Living in Iowa I miss New York bagels, these are the best and you can pick the type you want. I like either poppy seed or onion. The cream cheese with scallions is just right and the lox are wonderful. They use overnight shipping so you get your order the next day.
Dieter C. - Waukee, IA
Tasted fresh and delicious. The lox of very good quality and the white fish salad excellent.
David H. - Somers, CT
Best bagels and whitefish ever. Nice that I can get it shipped to me now that I dont live in NY anymore
Mary M. - Arizona City, AZ
I lived in NYC for 25 years and it was so good to taste an H&H Bagel again.
Janice C. - Cumming, GA
Bagels were amazing, fresh and ontime
Jake R. - Potomac, MD
As always our order came in a timely manner, packaging undamaged, and still fresh and delicious.
Susan B. - Colorado Springs, CO
Delicious - Even my UPS driver said he could smell them in his truck all day!
Tamara P. - Sarasota, FL
On time delivery. My note in English and Japanese was printed properly. The bagels were delicious and my friend was speechless out of joy!
Michael M. - Los Angeles, CA
Items arrived fresh via overnight delivery. The bagels, cream cheese and nova lox were outstanding.
Marc M. - Mesa, AZ
I have been addicted to H & H Bagels since living in NYC 25 years ago. I stopped ordering them years ago because shipping cost around $100. When the bagels I ordered from Goldbelly arrived two days after I ordered them I could smell them before I even opened the box. They smelled like heaven. Every time I eat one it feels like a religious experience. Goldbelly is my new BFF.
Chelsea F. - Choctaw, OK
Delivery was on time . Bagels were delicious! Miss the east coast but had a little delivered thanks to you!
Deborah G. - Irvine, CA
Bagels arrived on time the bagel aroma was pleasantly (in my opinion) noticeable!
Laura K. - Springdale, AR
my daughter used to live in NYC and loves their bagels. came perfect for a different Valentines day gift
Sam C. - Fort Collins, CO
The bagels are came super fast....I have a big smile on my face!!
Jeanine K. - Mount Pleasant, SC
As a native New Yorker living in another state, finding some of the food I grew up with has proven difficult. I ordered these bagels with mouth watering anticipation. Man, was I disappointed. The reviews I’ve read raved about them. I must say these were no better than a supermarket bagel. Just a circular piece of bread. No crustiness, no chewy consistency. I tried each variety I had received and sadly could not get past them not being what I had hoped. There are far better choices on here than this.... unless you enjoy the supermarket variety.
Jeffrey H. - Clearwater, FL
Loved the bagels, cream cheese and nova. It arrived fresh and cold.
Stephanie C. - Hayesville, NC
Delivery was as promised; ice pack was still frozen and nova lox was of high quality though not sliced off the fish within 24 hours which tastes even better.
Alan B. - Bar Harbor, ME
Bagels and cream cheese were great as usual. I’m a New Yorker and I’ve had H and H before
Marjorie Z. - Quogue, NY
Everything went well, from ordering to shipping. Your website was easy to use. LOVE the bagels!
Suzanne H. - Spring, TX
Sent bagels, with lox & cream cheese from NYC to SanFrancisco. Everything arrived in perfect condition! Super fast delivery. My poor bagel starved friend on the west coast LOVED IT! And I quote, "Holy fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg!!!!!!!!! Omg!!!!!!!!! Haven't had a good bagel for like 10years!!!!! Honestly. I am sooooooo happy you thought of me and sent me this package!!! It’s the best ever!!!! Thanks soooooooooooooo much!!!!!! I am dying!!! The best surprise gift ever!!!!!" So, there you have it.
Stacey K. - Pacifica, CA
Delivery was on time, food was fresh and delicious and this was such an amazing surprise for my parents.
Siu-May N. - Fort Worth, TX
The bagels, cream cheese and nova were so good. The package arrived on time and was kept cool and fresh.
Pamela R. - Crossville, TN
Everything! Shipping was on time, even during the Pandemic. The bagel, creme cheese and lox were perfect. The packaging kept the cold items perfect.
Alisha G. - Dover, DE
The food is fabulous! Your careful packing was great but shipping took so long that all of the ice packs had thawed and the food was barely, just barely cool to the touch. The bagels were completely thawed.
Vicki B. - Pensacola, FL
My H&H bagels are awesome
Steve R. - Argyle, TX
Sent this as a gift - speedy delivery and a happy recipient!
Barb S. - Mill Valley, CA
Quick shipment, accurate order and delivery process. Great way to get things from places we would not be able to go!
Donna K. - Summerville, SC
Two days from NYC to my home in Abilene, Texas was great, and food was well packed to stay cold.
Martha H. - Abilene, TX
Everything! Delivery, freshness, taste, etc. Got rave reviews from recipients. I even ordered same for me so I’d know the product I sent. Every year, one friend sends the same oranges and they always look bruised and old and go straight in trash.
Debby H. - Muskogee, OK
In Nevada, missing good bagels. Yum. Thank you!
Jan W. - Sparks, NV
H&H best bagels!!
Jeanie S. - Caldwell, ID
Bagels were fabulous along with the loxs and spreads!!!!!!!
Carol P. - Frederica, DE
Sent to my grandson for Valentines Day. He loved it.
Brett G. - Gainesville, FL
I lived down the block from H&H in the 70’s. They are as good as back then. Delicious and fast delivery.
Jan K. - Richford, VT
I’m hesitant to say “Everything” . . . But, Everything! From order, to delivery to utter deliciousness - My Mom couldn’t have been happier!!!
Heidi O. - Fort Myers, FL
The experience was flawless from start to delivery. H & H bagels: THAT IS HOW IT IS DONE!
Marshall L. - Orland Park, IL
Easy to order and wide range of choices. Thank you for providing deals and discounts. We got to have our favorite NYC bagels because of Goldbelly!
Stephanie C. - Westerville, OH
Entire process was seamless-from navigating the website, placing order, checkout and delivery! I’ll be placing another order myself very soon.
Debra S. - McLean, VA
Iconic H&H bagels were delivered as scheduled . Birthday gal was delighted.
Gerri W. - New York, NY
The order arrived on time. The bagels, lox and cream cheese was fresh and delicious...
Tanya S. - Raleigh, NC
Order arrived as ordered. Wonderful bagels and really loved the Cream Cheese with Scallions.
Dale A. - Des Moines, IA
From NYC to Arizona in a heat wave—all arrived fresh, well packed and protected!
Russell P. - Scottsdale, AZ
So glad that Goldbelly gives us access to H&H Bagels - yum!
Vianei B. - Benbrook, TX
Package was delivered as promised. Food packed properly and came in excellent condition with proper cold packs.
Susan K. - Little Switzerland, NC
These bagels made me SO HAPPY. We just don't get 'em like this in Chicago :,)
Declan M. - Chicago, IL
Everything, delicious smoked salmon & bagels!!
Lisa M. - Myrtle Beach, SC
Food was incredible and was delivered exactly when you said it would be. Would definitely order again.
Alexa M. - Ann Arbor, MI
Good price. Well packaged, especially with a day delayed. H&H is 5-star!
Leonard K. - Bath, ME
Bagels came as fresh as could be! H&H is great! Reasonable pricing and fantastic customer service and their bagels are what I grew up with in NY and can’t find in Louisiana. Thanks!!!
Harley G. - Metairie, LA
I read an essay that listed H&H poppy bagel and scallion cream cheese as his dream breakfast. He was right. I have now found my dream bagels! Well packed - bagels insulated from the ice packs.
Sheila S. - White Rock, NM
Order was a gift for my daughter, who was extremely pleased with the freshness, packaging, and quality of the bagels and schmear. Ordering and check-out was simple, the website offers a great selection of products, and based on my familiarity with a number of the establishments, quality is top-notch. A major bonus was the insert included with the order which described the connection between food and relationships and experiences - definitely a bond I share with my daughter. The insert put into words something that she and I have always felt about our bonding over food experiences. Truly appreciate the opportunity to do good and feel good by using your service for gifting my loved ones.
Kaitlin R. - Sacramento, CA
Best website ever to browse delicious food sites from all over the Country. Quick delivery, easy check out, extensive selection, safely and securely packaged, arrives fresh and well packaged, love the percentage off to lure me into purchasing my hankering for New York bagels, AAA+++ website that never ever disappoints! Enjoy the free shipping offers as well as a bonus incentive to purchase
Sue G. - Fallbrook, CA
Food was delicious and delivered on time.
gail g. - Charlotte, NC
Everything got there on time.
Cheryl H. - Hemet, CA
Timely deliveries with updating notices. Everything as promised!
james c. - Indian Wells, CA
On time delivery! Excellent food products!
Kathryn Z. - Kendalia, TX
Goldbelly did great, sent on time packed well, we just didn't care for the product.
Josh/ O. - Suwanee, GA
Best website. Everything is always as good as indicated. Bravo 👏
Jo N. - Snowmass, CO
Our order came in when promised! I was able to give my wife a bagel breakfast from New York the next day in Texas. Who could ask for more.
Rhonda S. - Weatherford, TX
The family loved the bagels
The R. - Oldsmar, FL
Everything I've ever ordered has arrived on time and in perfect condition. What more can you ask? Where else can I satisfy my bagel needs! lox cravings?
Joanne C. - Mahopac, NY
The delivery was prompt and the directions were clearly provided for the food care. Then there is convenience! Thank you!
Christian S. - Uniondale, NY
Fast delivery, bagels were very fresh, the whitefish salad was delicious, the cream cheese lox was light on lox. Over all both H&H &goldbelly did a great job.
ILONA B. - Wildwood, FL
Everything went well from placing my order and watching the tracking and delivery. Very good experience in the last times that i have ordered!
marina m. - Bronx, NY
Delivery was on time. Our friends really enjoyed the bagels. Super job!
Florence C. - Sedona, AZ
My Aunt loved the Bagel and schmear kit! Brought her back to her time in NYC. Free shipping sealed the deal.
Titi S. - Pinehurst, NC
H&H Bagels arrived in pristine condition with no problems whatsoever in time for the birthday party!!
Terri M. - Midland, TX
Excellent choices, outstanding quality of food (NYC bagels, nova, cream cheese etc.), very easy to order, and quick delivery turnaround. What could be better! Will definitely order through you again and recommend to others.
Nan R. - Pikesville, MD
Notification, delivery, quality of food and temperature of food on delivery still cool! All pulled off with perfection. Thank-you so much.
Mitchell G. - Arlington, VA
EVERYTHING! I place this same order every year for my son's birthday. His face lights up year after year! Always delivered on time and always super fresh and yummy!
Kim D. - Dripping Springs, TX