We have had Bonci pizza in Rome. We were delighted to see Bonci has two locations in Chicago and that they will ship it to you. The pizza was fantastic and it arrived with overnight delivery.
Roger G. - Key West, FL
Absolutely delicious crust and toppings!
Vera N. - Highgate Center, VT
Excellent Pizza. No complaints, will get more!
Jay S. - Gig Harbor, WA
I loved the Four Cheese and Margherita. It was delicious and crunchy. Hard to eat the other two kinds because these two were over the top good. I did not like the Potato pizza - weird taste. The zucchini with pepper and lemon had too much pepper and lemon flavor which really overwhelmed the ricotta cheese. Creative ideas but didn’t work for us.
Ishrat R. - Baltimore, MD
Delicious...just got back from Rome where I ate the original.....
Jo Ann P. - Palo Alto, CA
The Veg Sampler was balanced and delicious. if i'd offer one suggestion it would be to add a little more something to the potato selection. it was slightly less exciting than the others - but nonetheless - delicious.
Susan D. - Hillsborough, NC