The coffee cake was a gift for my sister and she was over the moon! It was fresh and delicious and frankly gave her something to smile about as she recovered from surgery. Well done! I can’t wait to place my next order.
Ann H. - Halethorpe, MD
The crumb cake was OUTSTANDING! The shipping perfect.
Marilyn W. - New Rochelle, NY
The cake underneath the crumbs was nice and moist not dry and hard like most crumb cakes i would definitely order from there again loved it !!!!!
Carmela C. - North Arlington, NJ
I have not had crumb cake from B&W for like 3 years since I went to NJ - everything was great. 
Paul W. - Jersey Village, TX
Excellent product & speedy delivery! Expensive, yet cheaper than traveling long distance to purchase in person. Growing up near Hackensack NJ, I remember enjoying this incredible heavy crumb cake from B&W Bakery on Sunday mornings. What a delight reliving this wonderful childhood memory! I was excited to learn it was famous (outside of NJ) and available for delivery!
Lisa M. - Fountain Hills, AZ
B&W Bakery's crumb cake was the best birthday gift! We haven't enjoyed a crumb cake like this in over 10 years - what a treat! It was packaged very well and arrived on time. Nothing like morning coffee and a piece of this crumb cake! Very pleased.
Shirley T. - Willis, TX
I love the crumb cake. A coupon helped, I wouldn't have been able to buy cake without it. $59 is way too much for us. Free shipping is always my priority.
Deborah P. - New York, NY
Tasted like home! Was raised 3 blocks from B&W. Heavy crumb was always a family favorite.
Patricia L. - Pacific Grove, CA
Best crumb cake one can buy. Moist, sweet and full of crumbs. Excellent cake all around. Been buying here since the mid-70s, never a bad experience.
Jimmy P. - Ipswich, MA
Reminded me of my childhood favorite cake. Grandma would say not to shake the bag and eat the crumbs. Smelling it all the way home was tough. Thanks!
Deborah D. - Stockbridge, GA
The crumb cake was delicious! It’s best heated for 20 seconds in the microwave to soften it as the crumbles tend to get hard but the taste is outstanding.
Nancy L. - Swansea, MA
Our order from this bakery was fantastic. Originally from the NY area I am extremely fussy about crumb cakes and this item was up there with the best of the best. My family wants to know when I will be re-ordering. I have used Goldbelly a few times so far and everything was perfect.
Christine M. - Moneta, VA
It’s the perfect classic crumb cake. More crumb than cake. Comes in the classic bag. Been searching for this for years...brings me back to my childhood!
Liz L. - Henderson, NV
I’m 75 yrs old and wish I could bring back my family and the weddings, holidays and special occasions back in Connecticut. This cake brought back the memories of our family gatherings. Happy times. The quality was fantastic and taste delicious.
Annette G. - Houma, LA