Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors - "Eat My Meat"

Third generation family-owned and operated Pat La Frieda Meat Purveyors are veritable superstars in the meat world, even starring on the Food Network TV reality show “Meat Men.” Suppliers to the most famous and iconic NY eateries, including Minetta Tavern’s legendary “Black Label” burger (arguably the hautest burger in town) and the Shake Shack’s custom-blend meat patties, Pat La Frieda dishes out all varieties of carnal sin: Brisket Burgers, Black Angus Tomahawk Steaks, and All Beef Hot Dogs – incredibly delicious, prime cuts of meat fit for every God-fearing carnivore. We’re especially hooked on their Short Rib Burger Blend, which tastes outlandish with blue cheese crumbles on a lighted toasted brioche. It’s the kind of burger that has you fantasizing about the next time you’re going to eat it while you’re actually still eating it. ‘Cuz once you go Pat, you’ll never go back.

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