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Take your pick from Sugar Hill’s most popular flavors!

After 15 years of living in Harlem, the husband-and-wife duo of Nick Larsen and Petrushka Bazin Larsen decided to give back to the community by opening an ice cream shop with flavors inspired by Petrushka’s Caribbean and African American culture and Nick’s Midwestern upbringing. Since opening in 2017, Sugar Hill has quickly become beloved by the locals for its wide variety of creative flavors made fresh daily using only high-quality, all-natural ingredients.

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This package includes 4 pints of Ice Cream

Ice Cream Flavors Options Include

  • Chairperson of the Board Blueberry Cheesecake – Sugar Hill Creamery’s signature cream cheese-based ice cream includes layers of graham crackers and blueberry jam. Every bite tastes like a frozen piece of cheesecake and there is really no greater joy than that.
  • Harlem Sweeties Salted Caramel- “Caramel treat, Honey-gold baby, Sweet enough to eat.” This golden-brown, salted caramel ice cream is inspired by Langston Hughes’s poem Harlem Sweeties. We add butterscotch and homemade brownies for a bit of a crunch.
  • Nunu’s Peach Cobbler – A juicy ripe peach screams summer and this ice cream is no different. Each spoonful includes pureed peaches with a dash of cinnamon and homemade crisp for a cobbler crunch.
  • Andy Griffith Vanilla – The vanilla for this classic comes from the island, Ile Bourbon, from which the vanilla was originally sourced and not the bottle stashed directly underneath the counter (kidding of course). Ile Bourbon, now known as Reunion, lies directly off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. Sugar Hill Creamy uses pastured milk and cream from Saratoga Springs to create a sweet, creamy vanilla sensation.
  • Jazzy Belle – We twist this classic butter pecan flavor with bourbon and a dash of Ethiopian Berbere spice. With honey-glazed pecans folded in, this flavor is sure to make you rethink eating a traditional butter pecan flavor again.
  • Tell it to the Block – At Sugar Hill Creamery, we love cinnamon ice cream but we thought the flavor needed a bit of kick. We make honeycomb candy with New York’s favorite Mike’s Hot Honey folded in for a sweet spicy treat.
  • Larry Wilcox When we make each of our flavors we believe in using real ingredients, not imitations. The Larry Wilcox is no exception. The coolness of each spoonful comes from the actual mint leaf that we incorporate in the base. We fold in delicate shards of chocolate for the chip. Customers have raved that our mint chip is the real deal and does not taste like toothpaste. If mint chip ice cream is your thing, it will be hard to go back to whatever brand you were eating before ours.
  • Goddess Pomona – Nothing says fall like apple. Maybe you wait for the apple cider donuts at your local farmer’s market or you buy a bushel on your weekend visit to your nearest apple orchard. Our Goddess Pomona hits all your fall apple cravings. Made with apple cider and a vegan caramel swirl, it is sure to delight everyone, especially because it’s dairy-free.

Seasonal (F) Flavors Only Ship for a limited time – Orders shipping after this date will receive alternative seasonal flavors


  • Chairperson of the Board – Cream Cheese, Blueberry Jam, Egg Yolks, Graham Cracker, Sugar, Salt
  • Harlem Sweeties -
  • Nunu’s Peach Cobbler – Milk, Creams, Egg Yolks, Sugar, Milk Powder, Peach, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar, Flour, Salt
  • Andy Griffith – Milk, Cream, Egg Yolks, Milk Powder, Sugar, Vanilla Bean
  • Jazzy Belle – Milk, Cream, Sugar, Eggs, Bourbon, Brown Sugar, Butter Honey, Pecans, Salt, Berbere Spice
  • Tell it to the Block- Milk, Cream, Sugar, Eggs, Chili-infused Honey
  • Larry Wilcox – Milk, Cream, Sugar, Eggs, Fresh Mint, 64% Chocolate, Vegetable Oil
  • Goddess Pomona – Apple Cider, Coconut Cream, Lemon Juice, Brown Sugar, Glucose, Dates, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Star Anise, All-Spice, Clove"

Instructions / Storage

  • Ice Cream ships frozen with dry ice
  • Do not remove dry ice with bare hands
  • Upon arrival place pints in the freezer
  • May be kept frozen for up to a month

Shipping Details

  • Items are prepared fresh and shipped directly from the shop
  • Sugar Hill Creamy ships Monday-Wednesday of each week
  • Orders cannot be shipped to P.O. Boxes
  • Orders shipped to Alaska and Hawaii via 2-day will incur an additional $20 charge or $35 for Overnight Shipping. Sorry guys!
  • Have more questions about Shipping? Read our Shipping FAQ page.

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