I just wanted to thank you and Primanti Brothers for offering shipment of their sammiches. I ordered it for my boyfriend as a Valentine’s Day present and he couldn’t have been more excited. It was our Valentines dinner. We had Pittsburgh in Charlotte and it was perfect. The portions were generous and well packaged. Also, the decorations on the box were outstanding. It is the perfect gift or dinner for a special occasion. Thank you so much again for offering and shipping this. Also, shipping time was SO fast and much appreciated. We will be customers again.
Tara H. - Charlotte, NC
Delivered on time. Fresh and, according to my friend, delicious. Just like at Primantis.
Dave D. - Papillion, NE
It arrived as scheduled. Sent to my brother as a gift. He said there were ample portions of everything for the sandwiches and everything was packed very well. Said it was the best Bday gift he received this year! 😃👍
Dianne H. - Jasper, FL