McLoons Lobster Shack



Lobster meat and crabmeat must be refrigerated upon receipt. To store for several days, set container(s) in a bowl of ice, cover with more ice and place in the refrigerator. Lobster or crab meat may be frozen but we recommend serving it fresh for best results.


  • STEP 1 Soften butter until easily spreadable.
  • STEP 2 Heat a non-stick skillet or griddle over medium heat.
  • STEP 3 Using a spatula or a knife, swipe both sides of the bun with a thin layer of softened butter.
  • STEP 4 Place rolls in skillet and toast each side until golden (about 30 seconds on each side).
  • STEP 5 Put finished rolls in paper sleeves, and swipe mayo inside the buns.
  • STEP 6 Fill each roll with 4 ounces (half a container) of lobster or crab meat. Serve with melted butter on each side. 
  • STEP 7 Eat! Lobster and crab rolls are best enjoyed when warm and crispy.