Loveless Cafe



Bacon is fully cured and shipped with ice packs that may thaw partially or fully during transit. Bacon should be refrigerated upon arrival and enjoyed within 1 week of opening.


  • STEP 1 Place bacon slices in a cold skillet. 
  • STEP 2 Cook slowly over heat and turn until slightly crisp, draining excess drippings as required. 
  • STEP 3 Remove each slice as it browns and drain on paper towels. 

  • STEP 1 Place bacon strips between paper towels. 
  • STEP 2 Cook 4 slices on high setting for 3 minutes. 
  • STEP 3 Then, cook at 30 seconds intervals until desired crispness. Microwave temperatures and personal preferences vary. 

  • STEP 1 Place bacon strips on a baking sheet (that has sides to contain drippings) and place in the center rack of a cold oven. 
  • STEP 2 Turn oven on to 400° F and check bacon in 15 minutes. 
  • STEP 3 Remove as soon as bacon is golden brown, but not excessively crisp. Cooking times can vary depending on how quickly oven reaches temperature. 

You will notice when cooking Loveless Cafe bacon that it does not shrink as much as typical grocery store bacon. This is due to the old-fashioned dry curing method used with Loveless Cafe Bacon. 

Spiral Sliced Glazed Country Ham


Sliced Ham should be refrigerated immediately.


Ham is best served at room temperature. Thaw ham for 2-3 days in refrigerator if frozen. Remove from refrigerator about 1 hour before serving. 

Optional Heating:

  • STEP 1 Remove foil and all bone guards, then place cut surface down in roasting pan. 
  • STEP 2 Pre-heat oven to 350°F and heat for approximately 30-45 minutes uncovered. 
  • STEP 3 Let rest for 15 minutes before serving. DO NOT OVERHEAT as Ham is fully cooked and ham may dry out.

Whole Country Ham


Our special dry curing process allows our country ham to keep for months without refrigeration. We recommend hanging your ham in a cool, dark place for optimal storage. THE ham is aged 6-9 months, which creates a robust flavor sought by country ham connoisseurs. These hams are not tenderized or pre-cooked – just country cured, smoked, and aged. Due to aging, your ham will have some mold on it; you may also notice white specks throughout the meat. This, in no way, affects the quality of the meat, but rather indicates proper aging and is often preferred by many connoisseurs. 


  • STEP 1 Clean ham with hot water and stiff brush to remove mold. If mold is very heavy, scrape with a knife. 
  • STEP 2 Put ham in lard can or turkey cooker, hock end up, and cover with cold water. 
  • STEP 3 Put on stove and bring to a boil. Boil hard for 20 minutes. 
  • STEP 4 Remove from burner and place lid on lard can or turkey cooker. 
  • STEP 5 Wrap can securely with anything that will retain heat, such as a burlap sack, blankets, or fiberglass insulation. Be sure top and bottom of can is covered. Leave ham for 24 hours. 
  • STEP 6 Remove from can. Remove skin and excess fat as desired. 
  • STEP 7 Use your favorite glaze, and put in a moderately hot oven to brown. 
  • STEP 8 For added flavor and beauty, coat the ham with Loveless Cafe Peach Preserves and garnish with whole cloves. 

  • STEP 1 Clean ham with hot water and stiff brush to remove mold. If mold is very heavy, scrape with knife. 
  • STEP 2 Ham may be soaked in water overnight to help reduce salty taste (optional)
  • STEP 3 Cut off about 3 inches of hock. Hock may be used for seasoning when cooking other foods. 
  • STEP 4 Weigh the ham in order to calculate cooking time. 
  • STEP 5 Rub ham in spices or score with whole cloves, and then cover with brown sugar or pure honey. 
  • STEP 6 Place ham in aluminum foil in cooking vessel. Inside the foil, pour one-quart water, ginger ale or other liquid around the ham. 
  • STEP 7 Crimp foil tight with double fold and bake 30 minutes per pound at 250°F or until center of ham registers 170°F on a meat thermometer. 
  • STEP 8 Take out of oven and leave in foil until cooled to room temperature. Discard liquid at the end of baking period. Remove the skin (easier while warm). 
  • STEP 9 Ham may be glazed after removing skin. Coat with Peach Preserves and garnish with whole cloves. 
  • STEP 10 Place back in moderately hot (400°F) oven just long enough to get golden brown or about 15 minutes. 

  • STEP 1 Heat skillet to 350°F on medium-high heat. 
  • STEP 2 Add 2 Tbsp. cooking oil to reduce sticking (optional). 
  • STEP 3 Sear ham by frying vigorously for 2 minutes each side. 

  • STEP 1 Place ham in roaster (or oven) or pan (for stovetop). 
  • STEP 2 Fill to within 2 inches of top with water. 
  • STEP 3 Insert meat thermometer into thickest area of ham and simmer at 350°F until internal temperature reaches 158°F.