Louie Mueller Barbecue

Pulled Pork Sandwich and Chopped Brisket Sandwich Kits


  • All meats are fully cooked and vacuum-sealed to preserve peak flavor and moisture. Although each box is carefully packed with ice packs and picked up for immediate shipment, it is normal for the meat and ice packs to partially or fully thaw during shipment. 
  • Upon receipt, please cook, refrigerate or place in the freezer. Place the meat in refrigerator, and store the buns at room temperature if you plan to consume within 4 days. If you plan to consume it after, place all items in the freezer and consume within 6 months.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The pulled pork and chopped beef should be removed from the silver insulated package prior to boiling. However, DO NOT puncture, breach or remove the vacuum-sealed bag until the reheat process is complete. Breaching the bag prior to completion can negatively affect the quality of the heated meats.
  • STEP 1 Remove meat from the freezer or refrigerator and place in shallow pan on counter. (Do not remove meat from vacuum sealed bag).
  • STEP 2 Let meat stand until it reaches room temperature.
  • STEP 3 Fill a large pot 1/2 to 2/3 full of water and bring to a boil.
  • STEP 4 Place meat into pot (reheat only (1) package of meat per pot) and cover with lid.
  • STEP 5 Leave meat in the boiling water for 15 minutes.
  • STEP 6 Remove meat from pot and return to tray.
  • STEP 7 Allow meat to rest for 5 minutes.
  • STEP 8 Open bag filled with meat and transfer it to a bowl or pan to mix with the sauce.
  • STEP 9 Mix with the sauce, and pile the pulled pork and/or chopped brisket high onto the buns provided. We suggest also serving with slices of raw white onion and pickles. 
  • STEP 10 Enjoy!