Kenny & Ziggy's Delicatessen


Fresh food from Kenny & Ziggy’s should be enjoyed within two days of arrival. All food may also be frozen for up to 2 months with the exception of the following items (which should be refrigerated and never be frozen): Mustard, Russian Dressing, Sauerkraut, Pickles, Cream Cheese, Apple Sauce, Coleslaw and Sour Cream.

Matzo Ball Soup


Transfer all of the soup into a large saucepan or pot. Place the matzo balls in the soup and bring to a simmer, gently stirring periodically. DO NOT BOIL RAPIDLY AS THE MATZO BALLS MAY BREAK.

Chopped Liver


This item arrives ready to enjoy at a cool temperature.

Pastrami & Corned Beef


These deli meats can be enjoyed cold but if you prefer to warm the meat, follow the instructions in Step 2 in the Reuben Sandwich Kit above. If an oven or stove is not available, you may warm the meat in the microwave as follows: lay the meat out evenly on a microwave-safe plate; drizzle a tablespoon of water over the meat, cover with plastic wrap and heat in the microwave on high for 20 to 30 seconds for every 4 slices of meat. Carefully remove plastic wrap when finished. Enjoy!

Brisket w/ Gravy


Noodle Kugel


Heat contents in tin for 15 minutes at 250 ̊. Remove top and heat for an additional 10-15 minutes to crisp the top.

Braided Challah and Babka


These items arrive ready to enjoy at room temperature.