DIY Deep Dish Pizza Making Kit - 3 Pack


The Legend. Gino’s East traditional Chicago style deep dish pan pizza with their famous golden crust, chunky tomato sauce, oozing with real aged cheese. Now that’s Chicago. This Pizza Making Kit is a unique opportunity to hand-make your own Gino’s East deep-dish pizza.

More Details

This package includes 3 DIY Deep Dish Pizza Making Kits

  • Each finished pizza serves 3-4 people, weighs 33 oz, and measures 9"

Each Kit Includes:

  • Gino’s Flour Blend (8.5 oz)
  • Yeast (2.5 grams)
  • Gino’s Pizza Oil (3 oz)
  • Gino’s Pizza Sauce (10 oz)
  • Mozzarella Cheese (8 oz)
  • Gino’s Pizza Seasoning (5 grams)

You Will Also Need:

Per Pizza

  • 1/2 teaspoon Salt
  • Your Desired Toppings
  • 4 oz Warm Water (heated to 100-110 degrees)
  • 9" Seasoned Cast Iron Pan or Non-Stick Cake Pan
    • Can also use an oven-safe skillet or cheesecake pan

Instructions / Storage

  • Pizza Kits are shipped frozen with dry ice
  • Dry ice may dissipate in transit
  • Do not remove Dry Ice with bare hands

To Serve

To Make the Dough

  • In the bowl of a stand mixer add water & yeast.
  • Whisk together and allow the yeast to hydrate for 2-5 minutes (Directions are the same if mixing by hand)
  • Add oil and salt to bowl & whisk to combine
  • Add flour to bowl & mix with the dough hook attachment on low speed for 2 minutes until a shaggy dough is formed (If mixing by hand: Add flour to the bowl and mix with a rubber spatula until a shaggy dough is formed)
  • Increase speed to medium low & mix for 1 minute. The dough should be smooth & release from the sides of the bowl. If the dough is not fully incorporated, continue to mix on low speed until it is smooth & evenly colored (If mixing by hand: Transfer to a lightly floured surface and knead by hand until the dough is smooth and uniformly colored. About 5-10 minutes)
  • Meanwhile, add 1 TBSP oil to a 9” cast iron skillet or non-stick cake pan. Use a paper towel to brush all over inside of the pan
  • Form dough into a smooth ball & place into cake pan/skillet. Cover with plastic wrap & allow to rise for at least 1 hour

To Make the Pizza

  • Preheat oven to 450 degrees*
  • Gently press dough to the edges of the pan, then use fingers to squeeze dough up the sides of the pan. If the dough starts to spring back, allow to rest for 5 minutes & repeat
  • Place an even layer of mozzarella cheese onto the pizza
  • Add any toppings on top of the cheese
  • Pour sauce over toppings and cheese, spread evenly
    with a spoon
  • Top with Gino’s pizza seasoning
  • Place pizza onto the center rack of the oven & bake for 30 minutes
  • After 30 minutes, check pizza. The crust should be golden brown. The internal temperature should be at least 160 degrees. When a knife is inserted in the middle the cheese should be gooey & melted
  • Allow pizza to rest for 5 minutes before cutting
  • Cut into 6 or 8 slices & serve
  • Enjoy!
Download Storage and Prep Instructions

Shipping Details

  • Pizzas ship Monday-Thursday of each week.
  • Orders cannot be shipped to P.O. Boxes.
  • Orders shipped to Alaska and Hawaii via 2-day will incur an additional $20 charge or $35 for Overnight Shipping.
  • Have more questions about Shipping? Read our Shipping FAQ page.

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Gino's East is awesome! It was a perfect transaction, speedy delivery, and wonderful pizza.
Joe V. - Pearl, MS
Ordering was easy and the food was outstanding! I had heard about deep dish pizza for years and this gave me a chance to try it. It was better than I expected and I will be ordering it again.
Donald B. - Brandon, MS
The pizza came well packed and stayed nice and cold. The pizza was just as shown, it was great!
Karen M. - Erie, PA
Everything was excellent...from on time Delivery to food coma! Thanks!
Mary D. - Boston, MA
It got here completely frozen, which was great, and the pizza out of this world. Thanks, Goldbelly. I will be ordering again.
Floyd S. - Richmond, VA
Pizza could not have been any more fresh! It was as though we were sitting in Gino's East again being served a fresh baked deep dish!!!
Nicole B. - Dunmore, PA
The delivery was on time. The crust and cheese was excellent. The sauce was a little sweet for me. It made an excellent birthday gift for my nephew.
Melodee M. - Ashburn, GA
Haven't had a bite yet - saving it for a special day - however, the package arrived earlier than expected - and all intact with a well packed cold box. Now I'm out here in the southwest and sometimes I just want a deep dish pizza! - the best
Bari C. - Santa Fe, NM
It was amazing to experience a favorite pizza from my hometown of Chicago while living in California. It has been way too many years. It came fresh, ready for the oven and on a special!
Patricia D. - Orange, CA
First time user - order was delivered early and contents (i.e pizza) were still very well frozen. The whole process was quite effortless on my part!!
Ray K. - Surfside Beach, SC
Great taste! Was impressed at the packing and shipping. It arrived totally frozen! Was amazed that this "frozen pizza" tasted so fresh.
Ted G. - Ringgold, GA
Love Goldbelly. So many choices of food vendors. What a great business!!! Have always been so pleased with all orders. These pizzas from Gino's are fantastic. The crust is outstanding and my family loves the pizza sauce and topping. Everyone needs to try these pizzas!!!
Sandra B. - Corrolla, NC
I received the pizzas from Gino's East as a gift. They arrived still-frozen in an excellent container. Goldbelly has so many different choices for food products it's amazing. A person could easily work up an appetite just looking at your website!
Roberta C. - Hemet, CA
It was so easy and what a treat to have our Chicago Pizza favorite in our house in South Carolina!!!
Susan E. - Ninety Six, SC
Price was a limitation. However the product arrived in top-rate condition Frozen. We've enjoyed one of the pizzas and it was delicious.
Andrew Z. - Murphy, NC
I am from Chicago and I miss Chicago pizza since I now live in the Maryland area. Gino's is one of the best pizza places in Chicago
Evette B. - Laurel, MD
Convenience and old time Chicago pizza even though we don't live there!
Beverly R. - Boulder, CO
Packaged well and and pizza was nice and fresh. Loved that I didn't have to fly to Chicago to pick one up!
Janet J. - Concord, NC
Very fast delivery and well packaged and still frozen also, so I could cook one and freeze the other. I haven't had deep dish pizza in over 25 yrs. and it was very yummy!
mary c. - Stanley, VA
We have been ordering from Gino's East for about a year and love their stuffed pizza so much, we intend on ordering two pizzas per month, from now on!
Kathleen R. - Jupiter, FL
Very delicious pizza. Perhaps the best I’ve ever had
Brian M. - Fontana, CA
It was awesome tasted just like I was their in person :)
Frank L. - Lubbock, TX
I loved the sauce and the cheese. It was delicious
MARK G. - Los Osos, CA
You can't find anything like this pizza in southern California!
Richard T. - Palmdale, CA
I love love Ginos pizza. Will continue to order from here.
Frankie S. - Houma, LA
The pizzas were wonderful and easy to heat.
Michelle G. - Reading, PA
It has been forever since I been to Chicago and had deep dish pizzas. It brought back many good memories.
Nathan B. - Fairfield, TX
What a fantastic service. I've always wanted to try real Chicago deep dish and it was great! A friend of mine who's been to the actual Gino's East said it was almost as good as getting one at the restaurant. So cool to be able to mail order this. I've probably told about 30 people about how great your service is.
Nicholas M. - Hudson, MA
Simple to use and order the food, it came frozen and well packaged with great instructions on how to heat it up. Loved that I could get Chicago Deep Dish Pizza in Texas!
MARK H. - Dallas, TX
I love the Ginos East deep dish pizza it was amazing! I've never had a deep dish until now and i'd say that this is my go to spot now.
Kevin T. - Houston, TX
Exactly as advertised! Heating instructions were spot on! Would definitely purchase again.
BRETT S. - Stevensville, MT
The sauce, cheese and crust make their pizzas one of the best deep dish I’ve ever had.
Dave S. - Concord, CA
A little taste of our favorite Chicago pizza in Ohio! Our Gino's East Pizza was delivered on time, frozen, and ready for the freezer, to bake, or share (like that's going to happen! Lol!). Definitely will order again!
Deborah H. - Reynoldsburg, OH
The deep dish pizza was absolutely delicious. This was our first taste of the “Original Chicago Deep Dish Pizza and we look forward to future orders.The product arrived as scheduled and the packed ice was still frozen. Each pizza was packed in individual cardboard boxes with clear cooking instructions.
Leonard M. - Rockville, MD
Love Goldbelly. So many choices of food vendors. What a great business!!! Have always been so pleased with all orders. These pizzas from Ginos are fantastic. The crust is outstanding and my family loves the pizza sauce and topping. Everyone needs to try these pizzas!!!
Sandra B. - Corolla, NC
What’s not to like about Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. It’s a special treat for this Florida retiree who spent 18 years working in downtown Chicago. Arrived still frozen solid, first of six was devoured the night it arrived. So glad that I found Goldbelly.
William E. - Quincy, FL
Great service. Arrived as scheduled. Gino’s pizza was very fresh; tasted like it just came out of the kitchen at the restaurant. Don’t know how you do this but love it.
Mary D. - Naples, FL
The pizza was frozen for freshness!! really saucy and meaty!! Two slices is almost too much for one person with a hearty appetite.
Jonisse R. - High Point, NC
I like the fact that I can have Chicago style pizza when there is no local restaurant that makes a good deep dish pizza. The packaging was awesome and pizza came in good shape.
Valerie F. - Woodruff, SC
Arrived on time and still frozen. As always, tastes delicious!
Kirstin C. - Weston, FL
The pizza taste so good with out leaving your house the Chicago style is great
Michael J. - Grand Prairie, TX
It was convenient. The instructions were right on. The dry ice was very helpful. I didn't have to drive to Chicago to buy it.
Sharon D. - Louisville, KY
well packaged; tasted great; arrived timely
Andi M. - Sugar Land, TX
We hadn't had Chicago deep dish pizza before. What a treat! Better than a calzone. We added Mozzarella cheese on top and it was great. Love the crust!
Douglas R. - Orinda, CA
Pizzas arrived as scheduled still frozen, and I live in Florida! The pizza tasted just like I remember from the last time I visited Gino’s. It was definitely a treat! Also, got them on sale, which was a bonus.
DeAnn F. - Venice, FL
Pizzas were shipped well, great price, tasted great, felt like Chicago visiting us in California, and able to enjoy at different times since we could freeze them.
Janet T. - Santee, CA
Best Pizza on the planet, fast delivery and 100% frozen when it arrived
Gary W. - Brunswick, ME
The pizzas are great. We overbaked the first one some. Turned temp a little lower and baked a little shorter and the 2nd one was perfect
Mindy R. - Sunrise Beach, TX
The pizza's were still frozen when they arrived and I knew they were safe to eat. We are from Chicago area and went to Geno's once a week for their delicious pizza's. When we get to craving a really good pizza, we order on line.
Stanley D. - Hot Springs Village, AR
Never disappoints. I think this is my third time ordering and it's always amazing!
Dennis F. - Garden City, MI
Shipped in a clean sealed cooler with dry ice. Arrived in good condition with no issues. Great Super Bowl addition !
Paul P. - Saint Peters, MO
Gino's East Deep Dish Pizza was delicious. Goldbelly did an amazing job packing and delivering the pizza as promised. I was amazed by the service. Highly recommend!!!
Robert F. - Springfield, MA
Yum. Just like old times.
Brandon S. - Lincoln, NE
Great Gina’s pizza! Tastes like it just came out of the restaurant kitchen. Arrived on time as ordered.
Mary D. - Naples, FL
Placed my order (first timer) for Gino's East and Goldbelly took care of the delivery. It was fast and easy. The only problem I have is my grandchildren are ready for me to do it again (haha). The service was perfect. I plan to use Goldbelly again.
Gloria B. - Montpelier, VA
I fell in love with Gino’s deep dish pizzas. I reside in Denver, Colorado and I have yet to find a pizza parlor that adds up to Gino’s. The crust was amazing and the four different types of pizzas were worth ordering again.
Sierra J. - Denver, CO
There was no more ice left but it was cold. thanks, the pizza was all crust. now I know why I like the NY pizza's LOL
David B. - San Jose, CA
Ad didn't state size of pizza ,but we were pleasantly surprised. Haven't eaten yet but were from Chicago so know what to styrofoam container with dry ice kept frozen.
Vikki P. - Eloy, AZ
Came fast and were still frozen and ready to store up for later. My wife loved the pie I made her that alone is a well done.
Gary P. - Powell, WY
Made it so easy to deliver food from one of my favorite pizza places to my mom who is holed up alone due to Covid.
Linda B. - Bensenville, IL
Pizzas came promptly and perfect. Packaging ensured the pizzas were fresh and ready to be baked. Absolutely no complaints at all.
Lory S. - Eugene, OR
Huuuhhh! AHHHHH....DAAAAA! Everything went well! The variety of food selections and then the variety of selections within those food groups =====SUPER! Website was easy to use; communication was super!
james h. - Rochester, MI
Everything went well. I received exactly what I ordered and it arrived in perfect condition. I prepared it for consumption exactly as directed and everything was super delicious as we expected.
Ruth B. - Tallahassee, FL
Received my Gino's East pizzas a day early...thank you!!!! Have already recommended Goldbelly to friends, family and coworkers...if we can't travel to our favorite cities just yet, at least we can enjoy their amazing restaurants via Goldbelly!
Alexandrea H. - Lone Tree, CO
I’m sooooo happy I found your Web site! 🤩 It’s exciting to get the foods we love delivered right to our door! Everything was packaged very well and arrived in excellent condition and in a timely manner. Thank you Goldbelly!
Catherine T. - Kingsport, TN
love being able to have access to food that I grew up with. Now that I've moved away I really miss it
Cynthia S. - Evansville, IN
Love the pizza. The sauce is incredible and the Deep Dish is just like the pizzas we remember in Chicago.
Dawn S. - Glen Allen, VA
Ease of ordering. Product arrived still frozen. Pizza was prepared that day and was delicious.
Janet M. - Morgantown, PA
I purchased a three pack of Gino's East pizza for my wife's birthday. I was hoping it would arrive in time. It arrived early! It was well packed as well. I'm definitely happy with my order and am curious about checking out more.
Richard G. - Kirkland, WA
These are great pizzas every time - easy to bake and so unique! Nice packaging and fast delivery with plenty of ice.
Robert S. - La Crosse, WI
Great selection of high quality food. We use to live in Chicago and are so happy we can get Gino's East pizzas.
sue y. - Tallmadge, OH
Everything! When I was told it was going to be here it was! My pizzas were all still frozen and there was dry ice left.
Debbie R. - White Cloud, KS
Delivered early, packaged well and still frozen. Very happy! Thank you!
Nicole S. - Northampton, PA
Delivered for a family experiencing a gathering for a loved one who passed and it was right on time and Gino’s…the best Chicago style pizza!
Else K. - Scottsdale, AZ
I received email updates through the processing. I was notified of delivery date. Great that items even arrived a day ahead of schedule. Items are packaged well. Pizza arrived to South Texas still frozen. Great job!
Lori S. - Victoria, TX
Peter M. - Bay Shore, NY
Everything went well and speedy delivery. Thank you so much! And my friend loved his birthday gift of the deep dish pizzas. Mine are great too!
Marcia C. - Minocqua, WI
The order arrived as expected. The pizza was outstanding, which is the norm for Gino's East.
Joe V. - Pearl, MS
Delivered as promised. Food was excellent
Sue R. - Little Egg Harbor Twp, NJ
Food was delish!! Delivered earlier than expected!!
Chelle D. - Scottsdale, AZ
The order was delivered on time. Pizza was still frozen and following the cooking directions, my first ever, Chicago deep dish pizza was delicious.
Norma W. - Columbus, OH
Arrived on time. Frozen as promised. Just had for dinner and it was delicious.
Rhonda F. - Blaine, MN
07/02/21 on time.. Pizza was packaged well and was delicious. Family from out of town thought it a great Treat! I'm from Chicago so it was coming home. We'll order again I'm sure.
James B. - Geneseo, NY
It arrived early. The food was still frozen and packaged well. The site gave me instructions if thawed. Excellent
Robin L. - Northridge, CA
Customer service was amazing. It was a pleasure to work with you and will most certainly be ordering more pizzas in the near future.
Ted K. - Canton, MI
The pizzas from CHICAGO are the best. Both deep dish and thin crust are delicious because they're seasoned well, the sauce is great, and the sausage is perfect. If you visit Chicago, go to Gino's East for a great stuffed pizza.
Adam M. - Burbank, CA
Product was still frozen! A++++
Jeffrey G. - Louisville, CO
The shipment came incredibly fast! Wow!
Nancy R. - Silver City, NM
My mom LOVED her pizza making kit, and it turned out well!! Thank you!!
J. G. - Bellevue, WA
Everything went well! Gino’s Pizza arrived carefully packed and frozen. I’m over the moon HaPpY!! Plus the pizza is what dreams are made of :)
Connie H. - Fort Collins, CO
Pizza arrived frozen. Already had one and was awesome. Highly recommend this site. A+
Louis F. - Concord Township, OH
the pizza was the best i've eaten since i was in chicago 50 years ago.
Robert G. - La Quinta, CA
On time still frozen and quality not compromised. My son moved to TX and misses his Gino's great Bday gift!
Justin F. - Houston, TX
Received package a little early I think, The pizzas look great. Goldbelly stands behind what they sell.
Annie N. - Wilmington, CA
The ordering was simple, the shipping was super and on time. The taste is oh so good!
Heather F. - South Colton, NY
Great selection. Food was delivered when promised and in great protected condition.
Erin S. - Tucker, GA
Food arrives frozen or on ice, package securely and taste delicious. The pizzas cooked well in the oven and were delicious.
Vanessa M. - Felton, DE
The first shipment arrived defrosted with no apparent bags of dry ice inside. However they were quick to reissue the shipment which did arrive with many bags of dry ice and still frozen. We are looking forward to indulging in the pizza.
dave k. - Clover, SC
Awesome products delivered on time, and at a great price point!...and I WILL be buying from these vendors again in the very near future! U can't go wrong with ordering from these companies! 5 of 5 star rating for each!
Bryan C. - Papillion, NE
A variety of tasty choices. Some decent prices. We love the pizza !
Bill Z. - Tampa, FL
Pizza arrived still frozen despite 5 DAYS in transient. I think it was a Fedex issue, but the package was shrink wrapped and fortunately the dry ice held up.
Fred S. - Sarasota, FL
Food was excellent and was packed in styrofoam and ice packs to keep cold. Great selection of foods from all over.
Susan S. - Cleveland, OH
All of it. The food was delicious, we love deep dish pizza. It was easy to order. Thank you!
Aurora H. - Brandywine, MD
Everything!! Always a good price! The best shipping!! You guys are on point!!
Marcey B. - Las Cruces, NM
My family was so happy and pleased to receive their food. It came package so well. Taste like it came directly out of the restaurant kitchen. Happy! Thank you!
Leslie B. - Dayton, OH
The shipment was on time, items very accurate!! Can’t wait to try the pizza!!
Mary M. - Fort Thomas, KY
It was gift for family. They were ecstatic!
Trent W. - Burleson, TX
The pizza was still frozen. Great packaging.
John M. - Bowie, MD
Everything!!! Sale price! Delivery great, packaged so well. Taste is decadent and excellent!!
Rosanne P. - Stickney, IL
Love you guys!!
Paul S. - Grants Pass, OR
I placed the order and it was delivered to my parents as a Christmas gift on time and without snags.
John M. - Mechanicsville, VA
This was my first time ordering frozen food of any kind over the internet. The Goldbelly process was intuitive and easy.
Joel B. - Chagrin Falls, OH
EVERYTHING exceeded our expectations! Thank you! My husband and I got to celebrate our 43 Anniversary with deep dish pizza from Gino’s East. It was our favorite pizza place when we got married and moved to Chicago. They delivered to us in West Palm Beach Florida in perfectly delicious condition! 🍕💜
Betsy K. - West Palm Beach, FL
Goldbelly replaced a large order that the idiots at FedEx totally screwed up. This was beyond kind by Goldbelly. Kudos to Jessica.
Michael O. - Chatsworth, CA
Really love this service. Can't get a decent pizza here, New York or Chicago style. The pizza tasted exactly as if I were at the restaurant. Delivered was excellent too
Diane S. - San Antonio, TX
I'm originally from Chicago and I missed Chicago style pizzas they came fairly quick even for being Christmas time
John M. - Donora, PA
My food was still frozen on delivery. The package was not in the least bit damaged. I would've accepted something a bit thawed and damaged, but it wasn't. I also ordered this during the holiday and had no delay.
Samford N. - Sparks, NV
Pizza arrived in a timely manner. It was still frozen. Perfect!
Kristin F. - Gainesville, FL
We got what we ordered six delicious pizzas from Chicago’s Gino’s pizza.
Peggy D. - Lady Lake, FL
Delicious food, delivered quickly and still frozen. Everything perfect, will definitely buy again and recommend.
Patricia H. - Columbus, GA
the pizza from Ginos is great!
Jeffrey D. - Appleton, WI
Delivery was on point. But more importantly the tastes of Chicago are what we yearn for. Seems the crust has changed a bit. But it might be us!
Dorothy R. - Loomis, CA
The pizza’s arrived frozen solid and packaged well.
Aisha D. - Arlington, TX
The pizzas arrived still frozen, even though they were delivered on a Sunday instead of a Friday - understandable since the weather was undoubtedly a factor,
William S. - Greenville, NC
Food arrived still frozen!!
Denise B. - Rockmart, GA
Food arrived by the delivery date (1-day early) and frozen solid with no damage
Craig S. - Albany, OR
Great selection of iconic restaurants from around the US. Easy ordering, reasonable prices, very efficient delivery. It is wonderful to be able to help these eating establishments survive. The pandemic certainly has changed how we do things.
CRAIG H. - Senoia, GA
Easy to order ...delivered on time of all my dear friend is able to enjoy our favorite Chicago pizza in California and she loved it . Most convenient was purchasing the 3 pack for variety.
Chris R. - Bakersfield, CA
Shipped when you said it would, arrived in 2 days, pizzas were still frozen and dry ice had not yet melted. Couldn't ask for more than that, except maybe if it cost a little less.
Daniel O. - Rockville, MD
Literally everything! Great communication, delivery on time and excellent product at reasonable price.
Brad R. - Martinsburg, WV
The delivery was timely, and the pizza was WONDERFUL
MB H. - Jupiter, FL
The pizzas arrived in a decent timeframe, was well packaged in the portions to be expected having been go Gino's East before. The cook process was easy and the end result tasted great.
David W. - Saint Albans, VT
Ordering, payment and delivery was perfect! Notifications regarding delivery time was very well done!!
Lynn J. - Elgin, TX
Although there are options, this is a nice and quick way order food items that are not in your local area!
Edward H. - Reno, NV
The packaging was PERFECT and arrived EARLY A+++++++
Michael M. - Massena, NY
My husband LOVED the Chicago style pizza and he said that’s just what he was looking for. He had a Chicago style on a trip to Chicago and craved it since!!
Laura P. - University Place, WA
Easy to order. Pizza’s were delivered still frozen. The quality was excellent.
Jonathan F. - Memphis, TN
It arrived exactly when i needed it to as a birthday gift. My brother loves this pizza - a great memory from a family trip to Chicago years ago.
Billy M. - Glenshaw, PA
Everything! The shipping arrived on the day stated and the pizza was fabulous. Thank you!
Rob W. - Eureka Springs, AR
Prompt delivery, well packaged for proper temperature, tasted great!
Rosie J. - Yakima, WA