The chicken pie was amazing!!! Most delicious I ever tasted!
Carolyn L - Dallas, TX
This was the most delicious pie *ever*, filling and pastry both unbelievably good.
Dennis Cunniff - Cedar Grove, NJ
Arrived on time, food in perfect condition, love the chicken pot pies....so what I liked was everything.
Barbara Wells - Las Vegas, NV
Delivered on time....still frozen....great packaging. These pies are delicious.
Carol Anderson - Chillicothe, MO
Huge variety of foods to choose from. Good photos and descriptions. Delivery date options is terrific. My pies arrived on date expected, in excellent condition, still frozen, attractive, and easy heating instructions.
Ernestine J Ring - Fort Myers, FL
Variety of items. Promptness of order delivery. Price, while high, can let me obtain items from my past history. It's less expensive than air fare. I would have to travel to gets these items...
Andrea Kirby - Gainesville, FL