Chocolate babka from Breads Bakery was fabulous! We finished one loaf at Rosh Hashanah dinner. I gave each of my daughters one of the two other loaves to take home. They both told me that the babka was totally gone by the next day.
Ellen W. - Old Bridge, NJ
Never had babka as light and flavorful.
David K. - Medford, NJ
Fresh. As ordered. Saved me the trouble of taking the train to NYC.
Tony W. - Washington, DC
Yummy and a great NYC gift!
Jennifer M. - La Farge, WI
My dad loved everything! It arrived safe & sound, fresh as can be.
Ashlea H. - Minneapolis, MN
The babka from Breads Bakery was delivered in a timely manner and, of course, the babka was exceptionally good.
Suzanne K. - Indian Head, MD
Arrived in perfect condition; as fresh as it was made that morning!
Marilyn L. - Clarksville, MD
Recipients called to say it was “the best babka we’ve ever tasted.” Also it arrived on the date promised.
Leslie N. - Massillon, OH
The Chocolate Babka was out of this world. It was so fresh! We ate 1/2 each and finished the rest of that one that evening. We look forward to sharing the other 2 with friends this weekend! 
Estelle B. - Bensalem, PA
The Babka was delicious! The delivery was off by one day, delayed due to weather, but this is no one's fault but Mother Nature. :-)
Vera N. - Highgate Center, VT
Old school baking. I could tell immediately it wasn’t supermarket grade.
Reginald G. - West Orange, NJ
Food always arrives fresh. True traditional Babka, everything you expect it to be. Never disappoints!
Karen M. - Summerville, SC
The babka was very fresh and well packaged. The taste was amazing. One can always tell when high-quality ingredients are used in baked goods.
Mary O. - Roscoe, IL
It was delicious, even after we froze it for a few days and thawed it out. Just the right amount of chocolate and Nutella.
Whittney F. - Reno, NV
I loved the cinnamon babka. The bread was fresh and flaky, full of the right things - raisins, currants, etc, and wasn't too sweet. It was delivered so fresh and packaged so well, it was wonderful. I've already gifted a loaf to a friend who shared it with others who were looking into ordering. Thank you for creating a fresh, wonderful product and making us all happy!
Andrea H. - Phoenix, AZ
The Chocolate Babka is simply one of the most delicious foods on earth, and everyone I've given it to agrees!
Lisa S. - Albuquerque, NM