Tasted just like we were in the restaurant eating it!
Ashley P. - Abilene, TX
Best pizza in Old Forge. Arrived fresh and on time.
Richard H. - North Venice, FL
Their pizza is always great, it's been exactly the same since I was a little girl. Their packaging keeps getting better. In this order, the pizza was in large ziplock bags, which was way better than being wrapped in plastic wrap.
Leslie G. - Kingston, WA
It was terrific. ALMOST like eating at Arcaro & Genell's, but without the great atmosphere. I was particularly impressed with the packaging.
Lisa D. - Long Island City, NY
Was a gift! Got the email alerting us to arrival date and it arrived on time and was packaged really well. Arcaro and Genell pizza from Old Forge PA is the BEST PIZZA!!! 🍕
Nina B. - Antrim, NH
There’s no better pizza then Old Forge, PA!!! My hometown!!
Ann-Marie B. - Naples, FL
I love that I was able to send two nice, big pizzas to my family in Virginia, who live in an area where pizza delivery isn't available. They LOVED the pizza and enjoyed the surprise!
Anjelia T. - New York, NY